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  1. Heatmiser

    SIM app for I phone I pads.

    I like it. Simple clean interface.
  2. Heatmiser


    Well, Hi back atcha! Welcome to the skies! Be safe.
  3. Heatmiser

    I love my Skydive Dallas DZ family!

    Sorry to hear about your injury Jim! I had the same injury 4 months ago. I was jumping again in 3weeks, but baseball sliding the landings for 3 months. Ankle injuries suck! Heal up soon, bro.
  4. Heatmiser

    In case I land off, I...

    Landing off at my dz isn't a big deal, We're in a field surrounded by more fields. Since we're a 182 dz, it isn't hard to keep track of jumpers.
  5. Biggest difference: Today's canopies use the 4 digit binary code for the date manufactured, as opposed to the 2 digit one from the Y2K model.
  6. Heatmiser

    Best Canopy

  7. Heatmiser


  8. Heatmiser

    Anyone going to Europe?

    Or, just maybe, you could actually just PAY your taxes? Just fuckin with ya
  9. Heatmiser

    Skydiving vacation in California

    Look hard enough, you could find an asian, midget, transvestite, and a prostitute on Hollywood Blvd, and they'd all be the same person.
  10. Heatmiser

    Dropzones in Oklahoma

    Here is a list in no particular order: Skydive Oklahoma in Cushing (half way between OKC and Tulsa) Tandem, AFF, IAD. Aircraft is a 206. Pegasus Air Sports in Chickasha, 35 miles SW of OKC. Static-line. 182 aircraft. Skydive Dallas in Whitewright TX, about 2 1/2 to 3 hours south of OKC. Tandem, AFF. Aircraft are Super Otter, Caravan, and a 182, (although they almost never run the 182).
  11. Heatmiser

    Skydive Carolina Contact Info

    via their website.
  12. Heatmiser

    Speedbag retrofit to a non-Racer container

    Not a rigger so I'm a little in the dark, is it the rubber bands instead of the elastic cord you normally see? Also, what is the possible effects of this?