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  1. hi, I want to know people use what posture when you land. Could you describe some moments when you want to keep your knees have right posture. or who has wear the knee braces when you land experiences. Do you have your own landing style?
  2. What is mean AFF here? What do you think knee brace will protect your knees? which part is most important?
  3. What kind of knee braces you wear? Do you feel exist knee brace can improve? what problems you wearing the brace?
  4. You mean landing effect you torn the PCL? Could you talk more about when you landing, how to trying protect your knee? Next time, would you want to wear the knee brace?
  5. Are you professional skydiver? so PLF still bring about some of injury? Do you feel wear the knee brace will help your knees? or did you hear someone kind of this experiences?
  6. Could you explain more what is packing accident? How did he tore ACL?
  7. Thank you for your reply. Could you describe more when you landing on the ground, what feel about your knees? what prat touch the ground first? where you feel uncomfortable on the body? Did the knee braces hurt yourself before? If braces will improve which part you feel important to fix?
  8. hi, Everyone, I am doing some research about knee’s injury in skydiving. Could you guys share your experiences? Great thanks to you guys! 1. How did you get injured on your knee? Could you describe it? 2. Which part of your knee injured? E.g. ACL/PCL/Meniscus,etc. 3. Did you have experiences in wearing knee braces when skydiving? How do you feel?