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  1. You have a 100% chance of being eaten sweetie. Why do you need to take a quiz to find that out?
  2. Lucky! I have to wait until JohnMitchell gets home from work and then the kids go to bed. Always something to look forward to at the end of the day.
  3. I think that's the best part of being married! Why would either one of us cut each other off? You only cheat yourself out of the good things in life if you do that. Makes no sense to me. 26 years/4 kids and still putting beans in the jar. I love being married.
  4. Welcome! I jump at Kapowsin as well. It's a great place to jump when the weather is good. If you see me out there come say HI!
  5. I don't know much about it but I think you'll need to get a yard stick.
  6. Here's my contribution for random pics.
  7. You think I'm a "hot chick". You're cute. Messagel me next time to notify me that your thread is at it's death and I'll chime in.
  8. Are you talking to yourself again honey? Come here baby.
  9. Marvin emailed me just a day or two before his accident to tell me how he was looking forward to coming down to the LFL boogie. He wanted to make sure to save him a slot on the big way. He emailed me back to let me know Chris Hale would be coming with him and was really happy about that. It was shocking to see Chris come without him and with such tragic news. Marvin will be greatly missed by all.
  10. Happy Birthday! Hope you have a great one!
  11. And the winners are: *Velocity Sports Equipment, 50% off coupon for a custom Infinity container. (Won by Jen C.) *UPT, 2 Chances to win 30% off base/15% off accessories discount coupons for a custom Vector 3 (won by Jason S. and Chris E.) *Vigil, 30% off a Vigil AAD (won by Jim C.) *Aerodyne, 3 chances to win 25% off any Aerodyne product (won by Gus, Rex and John D.) *Larsen & Brusgaard, a VISO II (won by Lisa S.) *Larsen & Brusgaard, an Altitrack (won by Cindy B) *Alti-2, 2 Chances to win 25% off an N3 altimeter (won by Gus and Lisa S.) *ChutingStar Enterprises, a Contour HD Camera and instructional DVD's (won by JT) *Hypoxic, a Hypeye D Pro camera control (won by Steven Y.) *Performance Designs, SkySystems carbon fiber Factory Diver Helmet, Large (won by Don S.) *Performance Designs, Hydration Backpack (won by Rick W.) *Skydive Eloy, 10 minutes tunnel time and a free tandem jump (won by Gus) *iFly SF Bay, 10 minutes tunnel time (won by Andy M.) *Bonehead, $75 off certificate (won by Sheleigh H.) *Body Sport USA, 50% off Competition Jump Suit with Options (won by Gail L.) *50% off Crater Jump Suit with Options (won by Lesa M.) *50% off Free Fly Pants with Options (won by Billy V.) *Flite Suit, 2 Chances to win 50% off custom jumpsuit discount coupon (won by David P and D’Arcy) *EG skysuits 2 chances to win 50% off stock jumpsuit (won by Tyler L. and Jared J.) *Paragear, 2 chances to win $25 gift certificate (won by Chris E. and Shane S.) Thanks for everyone's support with this! I wish you all could have made it to the boogie. We had an amazing time. The dinner was total Northwest food, crab, salmon, oysters, clams, smoked trout with a bunch of other stuff we pushed aside to make room for more seafood. Beer aplenty!!! Live band that was amazing! Plus SUNSHINE AND LOTS OF JUMPING!!! If you are on facebook, I posted a few pics. Just go to my profile and you can view them. (vskydiver)
  12. On our honeymoon? Shhhh! I guess I should clarify that I've never heard that term used in skydiving.
  13. I thought it was pretty funny. I've never heard the term "Belly button, Banana" before. Hilarious!
  14. You guys are awesome! This is why I'm still able to skydive. It takes a village to keep me in the air! My lungs have a bit of inflammation in them lately. It's kind of taking it out of me. Can't wait to see you this weekend!!
  15. It was awesome to finally jump with you Millertime! Thanks for carrying my gear back after I landed. I'm still trying to recover from that high altitude. Hopefully we'll be able to jump with you again soon! I'll keep you posted when we're going to be back down there. We're going to try to go out to West Plains to jump this weekend. But unless I start feeling better I'll probably have to just watch. Because of course you won't be there to carry my stuff when I land! I'm glad you were able to get some tickets this time! Thanks for your support!
  16. My oldest daughter will be 22 in about a week. Yes, on a couple of occasions someone has asked us if we are sisters. I took a knitting class with my 16 yo daughter and the other ladies in the group thought we were HS friends. They were really shocked when my daughter called me "Mom!" I just think they don't really look at me though. I'm totally a wrinkly old lady! Ha! Your poor roommate! He should have dyed his hair or something.
  17. I have no idea, yet. You two would look great as George and Jane Jetson.
  18. What car? You're so sweet! Hugs!
  19. I always drive too fast... Thanks Billy!
  20. Thanks Lisa! See you at Chicks Rock! Can't wait!! What's your costume? I'm having trouble thinking of one.
  21. Damn! I wish! That picture was taken with a friends car several months ago and you know it. Thanks for the cake though! Chocolate! Your favorite! With Vanilla ice cream, my favorite! You make every single day special no matter what. I love you more now that I ever thought I could 26 years ago when I married you. Life doesn't get any better than this.
  22. I wish! It's always lupus with me. Maybe I should have gone to House. Thanks for everyone's support!