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    Interesting how "life" is defined by these folks as a "heartbeat" at this point, but "not alive" is measured by brain activity. If you have to terminate a pregnancy at the 20th week, it's usually because there is no (or will be no) brain activity, but women have been forced to carry a non-viable fetus for several days/weeks because it is "alive." These morons should first agree on a definition of "life" that covers the whole span. If a heartbeat (don't even get me started on what that zygote really has at 4 weeks past fertilization) is the definition of alive, then we can stop learning CPR and dispose of all defibrillators. They're already dead, so you just have to call it when the heart stops. If you pound on someone's chest, or shock them, after their heart stops, then you should be charged with mutilating a corpse.
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    Wow, looks like it's time to revise the anthem and get rid of the "land of the free" part.
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    Oh, another prediction! Like his prediction that by end of last month, "Zelensky would be red mist or captured". How'd that turn out, I wonder?
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    I believe that's considered to be a feature, not a problem. Edit to add: Note that I think it's a problem. If you're scaring the police, how are you supporting them? Wendy P.
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    Are you asking for a good expert in CRT? I'd say Gary Peller of Georgetown. Or are you just stoned, and everything seems like Morse code to you? In that case, toke up!
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    Woke means no long willing to put up with right wing crap.
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    The only thing we know for sure is that whatever would have happened here, you would have blamed the Dem's....Suppose the Fed did nothing and SVB's collapse spurred bank-runs that tanked other small/mid-sized banks. You'd have been on here skewering Biden for not shoring up the financial system. Your one guiding ideology is 'Dem's Suck' and that makes it hard to take your schtick too seriously.
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    That's funny. I thought it was 'bless their hearts'.
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    I’m hearing that Tom’s scope has been fixed and is up and running.
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    It's a wonder the R party can even keep the lights on with the poverty they face due to all the cash going to the other team.
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    Nonsense, he was just pointing out that Bigun was wrong, which even Bigun now realises is true. Why are you still letting your personal grudges blind you to reality?
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    The lunacy is strong with this one, grasshopper...
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    For many conservatives it is quite simple:
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    Why is that? I thought it was recently sold
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    If daddy murdered all the dealers, where would Jr get his coke from?
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    I have never posted much about my relationship with Wayne. Sluggo, as he called himself (it was a joke) was a private person in his personal life. He had a strong technical-academic background with a number of technical interests he spent his lifetime developing. He was an employee in the nuclear-security industry with years of training and experience behind him. He was a private pilot. He also had a deep interest in paleontology and had visited the SUI-ISU field museums to get to know their collections, where he met some of the museum staff members in Iowa. Sluggo was interested in Tom Kaye's appointment and work. The Cooper case was just one small aspect of Wayne's total life and interests. He was totally devoted to his wife and they were a successful team. Wayne's flight comms 'timeline' and his map collection remain unique contributions in the Cooper case. Wayne was especially proud of his interview of Ralph HImmelsbach! Wayne was able to arrange meetings with Jo Weber during which Jo allowed Wayne to review her boxes of 'Cooper notes', from the thousands of people Jo had talked to by telephone, during her Cooper involvement. Wayne had integrity. Wayne was unique - there is no doubt about that! I miss Wayne and his contributions. [email protected] was a reliable trustworthy person you could count on; based on my long experience with him which was tested a number of times. ! I miss Wayne.
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    Brent's given up posting the links to his source material, because he doesn't read them and knows that we do. Too risky for him, he's been owned by his own links too many times already
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    One person's experience with the justice system does not define the parameters of the system.
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    Until we see this confirmed by someone other than Trump, I will assume this is just another grift to get more contributions to "fight the witch hunt".
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    I don’t hear whining from anyone but Ro Khanna.(D) He wined so hard that Biden caved and is using taxpayer dollars to cover deposits >$250k If SVB worked as hard to diversify its portfolio as it did its workforce they might still be solvent.
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