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  1. brittany, i hope you and amanda will sign my dance card...i'll be there in the wee hours of the morning saturday ready to jump! this is soooo gonna rock!
  2. nick, even if the BASE fatality list becomes your legacy, it's a worthy one. i read it frequently and it's the first reading i recommend to anyone that tells me they want to BASE. for me i'll remember the sweet guy that sent me issue #2 of the "Fixed Object Journal", just so i could read your story The Ride. then your patience as i stalked you at bd 2005 to get you to sign it for russel.
  3. yes, that would be laundry... edited to add, "DO NOT touch by fucking clothes!"
  4. i just wanted to thank todd fey, robert smith and skydive san marcos for the free coach jumps this past weekend. ya'll rock. learning the technique for sideways movement in a sitfly has given me something new to work on...seems i'm gonna be working on it for awhile, not as easy as i thought it would be. t.
  5. is the pic of tom flying the double keel or is it you? ...i think of him often myself.
  6. i have 14 jumps on a dagger 222 non-vented canopy and i have a Black Jack 240 on order. i'll keep the dagger for terminal jumps cause i like a softer opening. but i also want to jump lower objects (
  7. no i did not. i referenced his last post which was days prior to the incident.
  8. i pack with alot of tools. but i was taught to count them before i start and count them again when i'm done. tree, you referenced a previous fatality documented on the list, could you be more specific (#). i read the list everytime we loose a fellow jumper, but i can't reconcile this incident with previous ones. i'm sorry as hell that paul is gone but even sorrier that the specifics of this fatality were not made known to the BASE community sooner. some of us will learn from them.
  9. i voted for the 15 beer packjob, must be supervised though...have you ever seen jaap drunk? LOL
  10. she's not the one who should be researching, you should be. ultimately BASE is a very personal decision.
  11. littlestranger


    thanks for asking the question... nick, your usually so prolific. hope all is kopacetic in your world.
  12. right on. if you've ever done a raft dive you know not to inflate it to capacity because the air inside expands the higher you go. friend of mine really put things in perspective when he said, 'this is what your colon does on the way to altitude.' it cracks me up when my little girl poots because she just laughs and laughs! admit nothing. deny everything.
  13. LOL! welcome to the BASE forum...i swear it's scarier than "incidents"...
  14. right on. i think that the idea that your personal religion is right and everyone elses is wrong is the nature of religion itself. in order to have religion you have to have faith. faith that what you believe in is right. this makes it very difficult to accept that someone else could also be right. and that is my deep thought for the day... carry on.
  15. read what you just're making the same kind of generalization against catholics that you accuse them of making against you. the religion is complex as many are and one belief they have is that if you are not married in the church you are not married in the eyes of God. since any boyfriend is a potential future son-in-law i can see you're not being catholic as a problem to them. they're not going to get any nicer til you convert, haha, but i don't recommend it. oh and i've heard they sacrifice babies at black mass.
  16. u may be president but i'm the queen... her royal highness, queen nutkins, haha
  17. omg thats exactly what i thought! i remember cutting my sons hair once before a family was so horrible i borrowed my sisters dog clippers to fix it...that didn't work, so i ended up taking him to a barber. thank god the kid had alot of hair. i have no illusions about becoming a hairdresser.
  18. your problem is that you are judging the BASE community on the actions of one individual. i don't recall reading a single post by a BASE jumper that indicated that he would leave...only those saying that they would want their partners on the load to leave them. little different.
  19. the aclu scares me. don't know if thats the kinda publicity we want but i am curious to know if any one has approached them in the past...
  20. this is sic! they got my jump...i'd recognize that off heading opening anywhere!
  21. got my A! thanks for the freefall!
  22. Tom, congratulations on a little girl! they are so sweet, they get to wear the really cute clothes and play with the coolest toys...the two of you are going to share many wonderful hours together playing barbie...