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  1. I cannot believe we didn't make it to Boogie in Belize I - V.... Shame on us Boogie VI was definitely the best boogie I've ever been too. Thanks Rich, and everyone else!! So many great memories.
  2. Been looking at a lot of pictures of Brooke lately. Mine and others. All I can say is I wish I had taken the time to know her better... xoxo Lindsay
  3. Whether you're doing a Fury8 team next year or not... Join us for some 8-way fun to "kickstart" your 2009 skydiving season. Jan. 17th and 18th at Perris Valley. Just show up, or email: [email protected] And if you're even thinking of doing a Fury 8 team next year, applications are due by January 31st!
  4. Tunnel League!!! It’s time again for another great Perris Tunnel League! This is a fast paced formation skydiving tunnel competition. There are multiple divisions available from Rookies to Open class. Registration is $145 for 10 one-minute rounds. How does it work? Each person enters individually and is placed in a division with five other flyers. You will fly 2-ways with each person twice for a total of 10 judged rounds. You keep the score from each of your 2-ways, yielding an individual winner in each division. Since everyone flies with everyone, the results are an accurate reflection of your personal performance. Email [email protected] to get registered or more info.
  5. Whether you're doing a Fury8 team in 2009 or not... Join us for some 8-way fun to "kickstart" your 2009 skydiving season. If you're even thinking of doing a Fury8 team, applications are due by January 31st. Email: [email protected] for more info or to get an application. Thanks!
  6. Hey Goofy, Good luck with it! I'm not sure what the law are where you are, but I know that here in California, the laws for massage therapists vary by CITY. So, if you're working in one city with a license and 600 hours of schooling, the next city over might demand 1000 hours and a whole new licensing exam just to work there. It can be frustrating trying to find the right city to work in. That is, of course, unless you're doing it under the table. That's what I did (and still do from time to time) here around the Perris and Elsinore DZ's. My friends ask me to hook them up, then refer me to others. I don't do it so much anymore because it's so physically demanding. BUT, of course, I still have requests I fulfill. I found a more lucrative way to make money without breaking my back or doing anything illegal. Good luck
  7. Just thought I'd put the word out about a really cool real estate event I'm putting on. I know there's a couple other fellow skydivers in our investing community, and there's always room for more. Sat, Feb 16th in Ontario CA (45 mins from Perris and Elsinore and Orange County) It's a free event teaching about using other people's money and other peoples credit to invest in real estate. This is a great market to do so... that's what Nick and I are doing. Let me know if you're interested. We have these events about every other month or so. ~~Lindsay
  8. LawRocket: Thank you for the advice... and the 5 tips to stay within the law. I am in the process of getting a thorough education. And right now I'm investigating multiple strategies to get a broad understanding. My plan is to hone in on one particular strategy that will work for my target market. I've already formulated my educational strategy that will help put my investing strategy into place. And you're absolutely correct about building a team. That is, without a doubt, the most important aspect of successful investing (other than buy right!).
  9. Hey y'all... long time no post! So, I've gone and started educating myself in the lucrative, yet risky (when you don't know what you're doing), affairs of investing in real estate. I'm being mentored in quite a few different strategies, with the intent to be flexible in the various markets I'm currently analyzing. I'd just love to hear others' experiences with strategies such as wholesaling, short sales, subject-to purchases, foreclosures and pre-foreclosures, or any others you're playing with, or have played with in the past. I realize our market is slowing down, and that is exactly why I'm choosing to get educated right now. I like buying things when they're on sale, don't you? Thanks! Lindsay
  10. Guarantee my boyfriend and I would jump there on occassional weekends during the summer. Same if someone started a dropzone in Glamis during the winter. I like your idea Mr. Pilot Man. Will you keep me posted if you ever get this up and running? ~~Linny
  11. I couldn't agree more. She'd be soooooooooo FUN to play with!!! As a girl, would I want to look like her? eFF no. I'd constantly be second guessing people's intentions.
  12. ............ and for those of you who own both a vented and a non-vented canopy... what are the benefits of having that un-vented canopy, when you could just use your vented for terminal/ higher unstrikable objects? (assuming other possible desirable features of your canopies do not come into play here)
  13. Most of the replies are pretty parallel to my preliminary thoughts prior to this thread. Thanks guys! One more thought.... If vents are pretty much superior in the majority of situations (including terminal deployments... "softer openings, etc), then ... Why are they still offered as standard on _certain_ models, instead of vents being the standard, in which case you must request to _not_ have them (when ordering custom gear of course)?? If price is the only factor, then I understand. (For those primarily doing big walls and such) But are there any other reasons?
  14. Are there any? Specific jump types? Landing areas? Etc... I'm lookin for reasons, not rules here. Thanks!!!! Sorry if this is a repeat post, I can't do much internet surfing/research here at work and I can't get this question off my mind.