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  1. yay! you didn't throw your handles! i'm also curious about whether you use an rsl. i've disconnected mine for wingsuit. using one just seems like a bad idea.
  2. +1 this sucks...he was one of those guys that always made eye contact, you couldn't help but have a connection with him. memorable. Blue Skies Ron, teresa
  3. matt, wendy, erik...oh, can't forget markmark. this is stellar.
  4. congratulations! what kind of cookie...chocolate chip, ginger snap?
  5. capital skydive closed a couple of years ago. near austin you have skydive san marcos and skydive temple, both an hour away. there is also skydive houston in waller that is a 2 hour drive. all are great places to jump.
  6. ok, since no one has stated the was a ONE night stand. it makes me laugh to read these posts about bad sex written by guys, whatever... if you got off it was good for you. haha. tell your friend the best way to avoid this ego shattering situation in the future is to accept it for what it is, and don't give him your number.
  7. haha check your e-mail, some of the best ones never made it to facebook : )
  8. simon the organizing rocked! thanks for the space ball and pylon jump. i love freeflying too!
  9. the pogues are still around? old school. you and Penelope should make a point to bring your alternate rigs...gonna be a full moon. : )
  10. mellow. really need a beer to set it off though : )
  11. being a fan of joy division i could never get into new order. some other great bands: birthday party, throbbing gristle, iggy and the stooges... lately i'm into unkle, dj shadow, crystal method, working for a nuclear free city, etc. and i love 2pac and snoop guess i'm all over the place : P
  12. i agree whole heartedly with this statement. when i first had the inclination to jump a wingsuit i had the prerequisite 200 skydives. i went through the FJC with the phoenix fly instructors at my dz but was not permitted to jump the wingsuit because one of the aff instructors convinced the DZO that because i was a freeflyer my tracking skills were suspect. wtf. if someone seeks education, provide it, don't judge their ability to learn or perform a particular skill based on your personal predjudices.
  13. if you knew you'd end up quadraplegic because of skydiving why would you quit? the wording makes it seem inevitable. the real question to think about is if you knew you could end up quadraplegic because of skydiving... this is now based in reality. we all know that we might die skydiving yet we continue to jump. how often do we consider the possibilty of fucking ourselves up. ask yourself the question now, shit happens.
  14. gotta freefly with a rat. what i want is my black man dock number
  15. i think the problem may lie in my computer settings. i've tried copying the video submission address from properties, to the address window but it defaults to: which is the same thing that happens when i clik on the links. any idea how i can stop this from happening? edit to add, i have no problem accessing the video submission page on i've determined it's not the computer, or the website but my user log on that is prohibiting me from accessing the video upload page. my friend logged on and had no problem. anyone have an idea where in my settings i can correct this.
  16. trying to upload a video but the links all send me to the account home page. thanks, teresa
  17. try rendering it in small sections; saving after each bit.
  18. i appreciate this. however since i participate in both sports they seem to go hand in hand. like i said my video has SOME BASE footage and i would like to keep a percentage of it in. how much is too much? has a criteria for this been established? a BASE film fest would be nice but i'm afraid my video would have too much skydiving in it to enter whatcha gonna do...