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  1. WeakMindedFool

    Word from Sony on the HC7

    The final word from Sony... There is no fix. The suggestion was made to place the Camera in an air tight enclosure. I've tried it with no success. I've tried HD tape with no luck. I even turned on the wide angle conversion lens button with no success. I had a guy who works on sony cameras explain why optical stabilization is bad for skydiving (basically he feels that a standing wave gets built up in the mechanics from the vibration) so unless anyone else has any Ideas????? Back to the PC1000...I hate fucking top mounts anyway PEACE! Jason
  2. WeakMindedFool

    Tandem or AFF for first jump

    Tandem is my vote. You never know how folks are going to react to freefall their first time, it's always nice to have a backup.
  3. WeakMindedFool

    hc 1 mounting options

    Use This
  4. WeakMindedFool

    hc 1 mounting options

    Have you checked out the HC3?
  5. WeakMindedFool

    sony pc109 or pc1000

    I've had both. The PC1000 is more then a little better...but if your just getting into flying camera go buy a cheep ($300) HC30 at target...that way you can learn all about how to wreck your camera and it wont cost $1000! Peace!
  6. WeakMindedFool

    Problem with lens

    I had the same problem (I'm using a .3) Now I just fly tighter
  7. WeakMindedFool


    There are too many up sides of this canopy to list them all. I have around 100 jumps on the Nitro and haven't looked back. I did several jumps with a Stilleto of the same size (135) and found the Nitro better in just about every way. The Nitro opens unbelievably softly and on heading. It is very responsive to toggle input without the twitchiness or over steer of the ST. Riser pressure is less and the recovery arc is longer (not allot...I wish it was longer but...). It has a ridiculous amount of lift at the end of the flare. The Nitro has been forgiving of mistakes so far. When I've come out too high on a swoop, it retains enough energy to allow me to stand up the landing anyway. I haven't put it deep in the corner yet but up high it seems to recover to level flight very fast. I’m jumping the Nitro at 1.7 and at this wing loading it rocks!