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  1. this is pretty awesome. i have a video i'd like to submit but it has some BASE footage. is there any criteria on content? thanks.
  2. so you've got the inside scoop huh? i'm duly impressed. the way i look at it my taxpayer dollars are being squandered to save his sorry douche bag ass and i am owed an explanation for that, albeit i don't expect to get it from you.
  3. bob is going to bring out the wingsuits if anyone's been entertaining the idea of jumping one.
  4. anyone going out to the rat center? SSM is going to be closed and i hear the Rats are flying the caravan ALL day on both saturday and sunday!
  5. i originally posted this link in bonfire, how stupid is that? forgot that the people who will appreciate this video aren't hanging out over there BASE, freeflying, and good times. Out on Bail
  6. the video is up! Gravity Rats: Out on Bail
  7. i just want to thank robert, bryan, and ken for all their hard work this weekend. excellent vibe, sic jumps and a happy reunion of fun jumpers that have been jonesing for a place to call home. i think this may be it. excellent facilities, wet county, friendly staff and locals, and a plane that gets you to altitude. what more could you want? it was great to see old friends and make new ones. and the party ROCKED! lets keep up the momentum. for all of you that couldn't make it out this weekend i hope to see you the next.
  8. damn joe it not going to be the same without you just got word from number one, the eagle has landed
  9. awesome! look forward to seeing you both... by the way, the "Out on Bail" video is DONE!
  10. kim, seriously doubt we can get babydolls but robert promises to order some size small t's. might want to request one now
  11. trying to post classified ad keep getting error message: Expiry notification sent can not be left blank. all fields have been filled. thanks.
  12. so i have a couple of questions... outside of bridge day, has anyone ever had a permit approved? is there documentation of how many permits have been requested? denied/approved? would the aclu be interested in representing our cause, (kind of doubt it but thought i'd throw it out there) tom tancredo's name has been associated with discrimination against BASE jumpers, now that he's running for president, would he continue to support us?
  13. awesome. my jumps are sporadic at best and i'm the master at not even getting to the exit point, i think this will help. i was at the bridge when shannon went in and for a couple of hours my friends thought it was me. for the last year my own mortality has nagged at me and i find myself questioning my motives and desire to BASE on a regular basis. to date i can't bring myself to consider taking a conscious break from the sport, maybe i'm afraid that if i do i'll never go back. fucking catch 22.
  14. nick if you ever bring your list back, don't change a thing. the list can't be everything to everybody so you have to please yourself. jimmy, in the meantime maybe you, clair and jason can get to reworking it
  15. nick as disappointed as i am in your decision to remove the list, i respect it because it was yours to make. maybe the two-headed beast will shut up now.
  16. she's got some serious talent. what medium is the second one done in?
  17. i don't mean to sound ignorant, but when you refer to a full floater exit (given the tailwind) are you talking about jumping off the other side and flying under the bridge or facing the bridge and turning around? i'm thinking the former would be more doable. whereas facing the bridge the winds could push you onto your back kinda like a prob blast would. not to mention a potential crosswind could put the pilot chute in position to wrap around your arm. sorry this does sound ignorant...
  18. i'm curious, did you know him well enough to think he thought this jump was doable? would he take a longer delay because of experience or for the rush? i agree with nick that being jumpable and being landable are one and the same when making a BASE jump. if not landable being the more critical aspect. i won't jump my skydiving canopy in high winds let alone a lightly loaded BASE canopy. F111 or not.
  19. good decision. learn to fly your body. trying sitting like your on a barstool, less resistence=faster.
  20. that all depends on if you consider The BASE Zone a BASE forum. haha Re: Am I just pissing in the wind...
  21. that's funny this BASE forum has gotten so freakin retarted but i guess it has its place in the scheme of things... mick if you EVER start a pity party post about BLINC again i'm going to direct you here...