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  1. No shit! This is definitely going on my things to jump list. I saw another BASE video with this same building and there was footage of when it was actually being built and parchutists were jumping off it then...Also heard it was a former KGB headquarters, does anyone know for sure? It sure is ugly, but compelling nontheless.
  2. that is too cool. so what do you provide in exchange? the whole concept would make for a sic ad campaign...especially if it survives.
  3. aw geez russell you're scarin me...definitely go PCA. i'll be there friday, but i gotta head home saturday a.m...familial obligations... just outta curiosity, i know how much zoe's wheelchair cost...are you gonna be able to retrieve yours?
  4. Your confusing our democratic system with socialism, wrong country.
  5. just curious...when they deny your permit, do you get your $50.00 back?
  6. Came pretty close... From the website Rasmack directed me to... A Luser Attitude Readjustment Tool (LART) is "something large, heavy and painful, used to respond appropriately to particularly annoying lusers." Other names for a LART include cluebat, clue stick, clue-by-four and Board of Education.
  7. I think so. The individuals who accept the answers do so on faith. Something I find incomprehensible, yet envy.
  8. Actually, I think the purpose of this thread is to entertain skinflicka...
  9. I've thought many of the things you've written and I think religion has a twofold purpose: It keeps the masses in line by providing them with a moral code. It provides solace by providing answers to those that fear the uncertainty of death. Personally, I don't know what to think other than I believe that we are energy and energy is never lost.
  10. Is it too much freedom that's the bad thing, or having to take responsibility for your actions. You choose to stick the needle in...
  11. So ABP cans the lot of them? Wouldn't it have been more effective to request the offending parties resignations? Leaving the organization with a semblence of credibility instead of this apparent train wreck? I appreciate the offer for a pro-rated refund of my membership dues, but I want you to keep the money. Spend it wisely. Sincerely, Teresa Colaluca ABPG12
  12. The general public could give a damn if BASE jumpers get to jump or not. What we should focus on is the underlying issue of's blatant. It's also something that everyone has experienced to some degree and can relate to. Maybe with that approach we can garner some public support for the cause. Otherwise, were gonna come off like some rogue faction.
  13. 'Equal Access' ? Also I love lawrockets idea of inundating NPS with special permit requests...just think how annoyed they're gonna be when they get hundreds of the things within a say, seven day period. The paperwork will be a nightmare in its own right. and when they deny us all, we file for an appeal...they do have an appeals process don't they? or is that too democratic?
  14. Anyone out there know the actual number of "special use" permits that have been issued to BASE jumpers in the past...I read that NPS guidelines are so tight that they had to grant themselves a 10 year waiver just so Bridge Day could happen.
  15. that is where 'yes, sir', 'no, sir', and a sheepish look come in...
  16. I'm all over organizing, I'll even offer myself up for arrest in the landing area by running interference so jumpers can get away, I feel that strongly about the discriminatory practices of the NPS. Unfortunately at this time I don't have the required training to jump...yet.
  17. so, if i'm understanding this right, if i jumped it i would only have to jump an A to get my BASE number...
  18. Rick and I had such a great time this year you'll definitely see us again next. We finally did our first jump together, pretty momentous. Those who know us will understand. There was some pretty sic freeflying going on and the Gravity Rats rocked on organizing the jumps. Dave, thanks for inviting me on the raft dive, that exit was sweet.