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  1. your kidding right? if a guy can pressure you into doing something you aren't committed to you have no business skydiving let alone BASE jumping. Mac was kind enough to provide you with a link to the BASE fatality list. you seem to respond to everything yet i don't see in any of your posts that you've gone there. let me help you out a little: #11 Marilyn Ettema #26 Marieta Schneider #39 Susan Oatly #33 Theresa Tran #38 Stina Ulla Ostberg #45 Erin Aimee Engle #54 Jan Davis #64 Lori Barr #77 Babi Dematte #99 Shannon Dean each one of these women made a conscience descision to BASE jump. they did so accepting the responsibility of their choices. don't disrespect them by implying that some man might have pressured them into it. YOU choose to BASE, YOU choose the course of your training, YOU determine the level of risk you are willing to accept. YOU decide whether to jump or not.
  2. nice! the soulflyers trailer also has some sic footage of the same type of exit. Soulflyers
  3. nice video of Team Mandarin. VRW 4 Way Comps the link's been fixed. these guys are amazing.
  4. if you go to his website you can listen to one of the tracks. pretty mellow, but he has a distinctive voice that makes it work. as far as heavy, i never thought that yelps music particularly heavy to begin with. check it out.
  5. i have an american airlines ticket to burn before 9/7 and this is perfect! couch freaks sounds like a blast! but i need some help here, where do i stay? how far is the dz from the airport? can i get a ride from someone or should i rent a car? how many days should i stay. should i bring my BASE rig? i haven't booked a ticket yet so my schedule is wide open. this is going to be so much fun!
  6. thought both programs were very well done. the producers didn't condescend to the audience by dumbing down the explanations of what was going on and really focused on the skill sets that both jumps required. on the other hand the constant reference to "risking their lives" meant to build up to the final event scared the shit out of my kid...she slept in my bed for two nights straight. guess it's back to the disney channel.
  7. happy birthday kevlar! you may be another year older but i'll always be older than you! haha wait a minute...that's not funny.
  8. conway was on my scr at the aot boogie in 2004. last person in btw (out of 13)
  9. sorry, you've got the wrong religion, nothing hypocritical here. growing up catholic our family priest was the bartender at all my grandfathers parties.
  10. what is the industry in twin falls? agriculture? tourism? are we not tourists? i'm curious, did the event require a permit? love this place and don't want to lose it. willing to do what ever it takes to keep it accessible.
  11. 72. beat an aerial delivery charge
  12. our friend is in surgery today. tib/fib and fractured wrist. he asked me to post this. Please copy & post this as an open letter to the base jumping community.. I do not wish to reveal my identity at this time. I was the 'mystery man' being tended to on the ground when Shannon went in... To Frenchie: Your tender touch at cradling my head and your warm smile meant more to me than you know. To girl shielding my face from sun: Thank you for hanging in there and helping me be comfortable.... To Firefighter: You rock. dude! To group who carried me to boat: Awsum work! Thanks a million!! To friends, loved ones of Shannon: Words cannot convey my deepest sympathy and profound sadness at your loss. To my mates who helped at hospital and got me home: You know how I feel.... I love you all!: I know I'll heal to jump again. That, and the love I felt there keeps me going!
  13. you have alot of anger and attitude. justified or not if you're going to browbeat, belittle and threaten a fellow jumper, at least be up front about it and identify yourself. i realize that filling out your profile is not required but when you attack someone as you have, hiding behind the anonymity of the internet is rather cowardly. afraid of being flamed because you have an opinion? i fully expect to get flamed for posting this. meow.
  14. my naivete is showing, i confess i completely missed the sarcasm. it's hard to comprehend this amazing structure as being someones local object. think he contacted the locals before he dayblazed it? in retrospect i guess i'm more impressed by those that have jumped it and kept the fact within their private circles. as a publicity stunt mr. vervoort's jump looses much of the mystic that makes BASE so special. 5 times! dude you rock!
  15. think they mean 5 jumps from this particular object. pretty badass, but then i'm easily impressed.
  16. not to sound ignorant...just inexperienced, but this implies that you have some control over the uninflated canopy. i guess i just assumed that before it was inflated it would be mushy and inputs would have little effect...of course at the same time we're working in milliseconds. if i'm understanding this, the purpose of the slider up configuration on low cliff/building jumps,gives the jumper more time to deal with an off heading opening. but at the same time canopy inflation takes much longer? and aren't you putting yourself at risk with a sub-terminal pitch. (i appreciate the fact that you referred to 'experienced' jumpers)
  17. mark! so that's what your up to! right on. do you ever play in austin? josh, was this long hair for the locks of love or was that your previous venture into looking like a bum? you do have pretty hair.
  18. i equate this as which canopy you have control of first. when i go handheld i consistently open off heading 90 left. pretty confident it's body position. having the ability to react is one thing, but you need a responsive canopy as well. my new canopy is vented for this reason. this is an excellent thread, i'm learning quite a bit despite not understanding some of the more technical responses.
  19. yeah sucks doesn't it. but you did ask. i still drink the stuff myself, my real problem turned out to be the vitamins i was taking contained ginseng. you might consider taking vitamin e. personally i got tired of trying to figure out what the fuck i ran into...
  20. cut back on aspirin and anything that contains ginseng. both thin the blood and make you more prone to bruising.
  21. an excellent question. there are alot of skydivers with a few BASE jumps, but if you asked them i think they would identify themselves as skydivers. my take on it is a BASE jumper is someone who has jumped more than once, owns BASE specific gear and learns everything they can about BASE. their goals are BASE related, i.e. my goal this year is to get my BASE number, next year is to jump the ostankino tower. simply put, my focus is BASE, i consider myself a BASE jumper.
  22. talus landing? did ya'll use the inflatable landing system you had been working on? congratulations russell! you're halfway there.
  23. i really can't speak for the dropzone. you might want to contact them directly. i hope so.