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  1. How many idiots can you fit in one plane... What creates lift?? Negative pressure on topside of the wing. Due to the camber on the wing(profile). The camber and solidness of the wing in a suit is maintained by air pressure... This makes the air above the wing travel faster than the one underneath. In the right Angle of attack. This creates a SUCTION FORCE. This is pretty clear when you see the video. It can be compared to a inner wing stall. Its like someone holding on to one wing while the other wing is free. Try that in your hangar, and see what you can do about it.. And even in freefall, the force you will have to struggle with is way beyond what you can handle. Just 20% of lift comes from actually "skipping" on air, rest is from negative pressure -80 % suction.
  2. Use your head buddy, With the right angled ridge and wind speed it is possible. Wing suits can be made with huge cambered wings to get max lift, and very little sink and forward speed. Then it is also possible to land. Its all about the relative speed to the ground.. Wait and see
  3. We are defined as gliders: In flight, a glider has three forces acting on it as compared to the four forces that act on a powered aircraft. Both types of aircraft are subjected to the forces of lift, drag, and weight. The powered aircraft has an engine that generates thrust, while the glider has no thrust. In order for a glider to fly, it must generate lift to oppose its weight. To generate lift, a glider must move through the air. The motion of a glider through the air also generates drag. In a powered aircraft, the thrust from the engine opposes drag, but a glider has no engine to generate thrust. With the drag unopposed, a glider quickly slows down until it can no longer generate enough lift to oppose the weight, and it then falls to earth. - Stalling The wings on a glider have to produce enough lift to balance the weight of the glider. The faster the glider goes the more lift the wings make. If the glider flies fast enough the wings will produce enough lift to keep it in the air. But, the wings and the body of the glider also produce drag, and they produce more drag the faster the glider flies. Since there's no engine on a glider to produce thrust, the glider has to generate speed in some other way. Angling the glider downward, trading altitude for speed, allows the glider to fly fast enough to generate the lift needed to support its weight. (Newton's Third Law of Motion.)
  4. Rip Off?? U mean from NASA?
  5. Get a drink, relax - get laid, have some fun - its Christmas :) Whether you like driving European sport scars or a comfy slow American cruiser, enjoy your holidays! Mahatma
  6. Are you guys horizontally disabled ?
  7. I know something very cool coming out soon.. But Im not telling you... And its neither of the big brands..
  8. You guys are so way of that it is amazing...
  9. I have a Canon HF 100 for sale, cheap... Andreas
  10. Conspiricist? Why? Have you done your homework scared little man? This is how it is. I guess you think it is strang that europeans know so much more about your history and politics? Well. we have a free press and have a healthy culture. We ask questions and have built or nations on real stable fundations. You are free to check up everything I am claiming. It is out there, on the Internet AND in books. You read books? History? Politics? Warfare? Anything? I guess you saw Rambo and Platoon a couple of times right? (Platoon is a good movie though) Oliver Stone would agree on many of the things I am saying, be sure. Scientists? saying what? EVERYONE else missed? Yeah, you did. You missed it because you didnt care man. Investigators? Like the official JFK report about the magic bullet that got suspended in the air for two seconds? I guess if you have watched enough movies this sound normal, but hey... 9/11 report? 50% of the people in your country have doubts and do not have faith in it, yes the OFFICIAL report. Saddam Hussein behind 9/11? Says who? CIA? no.. Bush do, and you swollow his cum everytime man.. You want more? Keep posting..
  11. When was your constitution made again? And colored by what kind of political climate? How was this nation built and united? After how many wars nad guns and shit? Could your forfathers have a different and more realistic view on wearing arms and protecting themselfs?? Things change after 200 years.. (Well obviosly not..)
  12. These answeres you are posting is only backing up and confirming what I am saying.. And this forum is about real issues. Go watch a cartoon or something..