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  1. Thanks! :) I came across that too, but looking for more breakdowns and not just any stats ;) - see first post Dylan - the SA stats are not online, not as far as I'm aware Many thanks Ria
  2. Having looked at the statistics for South Africa I'd like to know whether our trends are in line with what's happening elsewhere in the world - data such as number students trained, number descents, number of tandems, number of members (skydivers) etc. for say the past ten years. Does anyone where I can find this data for different countries e.g. USPA, BPA, etc. Is it publicly available? Any help would be much appreciated Ria
  3. Hi Richard Thanks for the reply. I'm actually part of the management that runs a dz here in SA. These questions are related to our business decisions and strategy for our operations going forward, hence I'm asking these questions. I'm also going to pm you in case you prefer to discuss these details off the forum. Many thanks Ria
  4. Hi guys I'm trying to understand the real cost of tandem gear. We all know there's the purchase price, and reserve repacks, but what other expenses related to the gear throughout its life? What are the parts that wear out and how often do they need to be replaced? E.g. What is the lifespan in jumps for the following items: drogues, main canopies, canopy relines, other??? How often would one do maintenance type work to harnesses or the container and what kind of work would this be? Thanks RM
  5. Hi Dave Thanks for your reply. The point of the beer was to use it as a really unofficial country price comparison, an index so to speak, to adjust for the different living costs in different countries. I understand the shortfalls of this method but thought it would be a fun fact nonetheless. I fully agree in paying in cash and letting the person spend the money on whatever they choose - be it beer, jumps, or bail money... :-) Thanks for the input
  6. Seeing as I'm asking you guys for input, I might as well add my local dz stats to the list: Country: South Africa DZ: Skydive Robertson Packing price (excl. tip): R40 Typical tip (if it applies): - Jump ticket price: R320 Exit altitude: 11,000 Price of ave. 6 pack of beer: R50
  7. Hey guys Doing a bit of research and looking to find out what packing prices are like at other dz's. Appreciate it if you could respond with the following: Country: DZ: (If you want to, not super important though) Packing price (excl. tip): Typical tip (if it applies): Jump ticket price: Exit altitude: Price of ave. 6 pack of beer: If you've got the time the info would be appreciated. Stay safe!
  8. Thanks. Been asking around, will see what happens :-) See ya!
  9. Anybody heading to Carolinafest from Atlanta? Looking for a ride there. Currently at Skydive The Farm in Rockmart
  10. Hi all Thanks for the replies. Yes, it is a bicycle. Anyone know if there's a source online that lists boogies/dates? Would help with the planning Thanks for the info thus far. Also had thoughts of starting in Florida and working my across/somewhere. Shot Ria
  11. Hey guys Hope I'm putting this in the right forum. I really need some help here. I'm looking into the possibility of cycling across the US but with the intention of visiting as many boogies along the way. Which one's and route – I'm not sure. Hence I seek the community's assistance with this (also I'm currently cycling across Africa at the moment – charity fund raiser which I hope to continue across the US in 2012 – internet connections are really shit here and so doing even simple desktop research is a real challenge). Here's what I'm thinking, come to the US at the start of the season (March/April?) and make why across for 6 months (assuming the powers that be grant me a visa for this long). Would really appreciate feedback/ideas on boogies to visit and route you might recommend. If anyone's interested, the trip I'm currently busy with is cycling from Cape Town to Cairo. You can visit to find out more. Thus far I've done 8500km's of cycling, but only one jump which was over Malawi's International Airport in Lilongwe (cool when you realist that its the capital city!). What I miss most is the skydiving hence the idea to combine the two for a really good cause :-) Blue Skies and Stay Safe Ria Moothilal Africa's Fastest Indian ;-)
  12. Thanks My concern is more weight and volume of the device and not so much speed. If the netbook can do it, although a bit slowly, then that will do. Why weight/volume of the device is important? My needs is actually for a bicycle tour I'm doing next year - 8 months of cycling. I know this is a skydiving forum but think this would also be relevant to any travelling jumper. That said, any advice on the specs of netbook I should be looking for Or if you disagree with the use of a netbook completely, any suggestions on another device that will do the job (light editing for post videos to youtube, not professional hard core editing) and that is lightweight Many thanks!!!!
  13. Anyone got experience on using a netbook to edit video? From my little internet research I believe net books are becoming more powerful to handle this. Thanks Ria