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  1. PhoenixRising


    For anyone looking for more information on the FWC course and to see our newly updates website go over to Justin
  2. PhoenixRising

    One year

    Thanks Jeff. Could not have said it better myself. J-Sho
  3. PhoenixRising

    Summerfest organising

    I will be, as well as Jeff. Maybe more, I am currently working out details now with Rook and Erin. More info to come. J-sho
  4. PhoenixRising

    Crossbraced prototype???

    It is our X-Bird. Not cross braced. just mini ribs on the trailing edge the suit is now available to the public, and yes performance is HUGE.
  5. PhoenixRising

    FlockU Casa Boogie

    We will have Scotty Burns and (Hopefully) Matt Hoover. To take exceptional photos of us all. Matts video from last year Justin
  6. PhoenixRising

    intro trade in?

    Yes people have. What are your questions, any way i can help? Justin
  7. PhoenixRising

    Flying after a dislocated shoulder.

    I have dislocated BOTH my shoulders. It was a long time ago though I still get pain on long or strenuous flights. If the injury was recent I would give it time to heal properly. That could end up being a hazard if your pull arm goes out in flight. my two cents Justin
  8. PhoenixRising

    sad news...

    Shane was a friend and a Mentor. He will be missed! Justin
  9. PhoenixRising

    Cloud Porn

    This is a pretty good one. We couldnt get to it, but it was sexy. Justin
  10. PhoenixRising


    Yes the boogie is still on. And We WILL have Casa. August 20 - 23 2009. Justin
  11. PhoenixRising

    V8 commercial with wingsuits

    it was Jim Hickey. hes a badass. jumps in elsinore, and i think there was alredy a thread on this................Sinner Slum U justin
  12. PhoenixRising

    Texture of Granite

    Thats a great Video!!! Damn Great Job Justin
  13. PhoenixRising

    Free jump @ Pepperell on Saturday

    Sweet, Thanks Steve. Ill be there J
  14. PhoenixRising

    Utah Wingsuit fun

    It was a great jump, even with a broken finger!!!! Thanks to everyone who came out and supports us. ALWAYS a Blast. Thanks to Jack and debbie, Spot, Scotty, Les and cookie. See you kids at Elsinore! Justin
  15. PhoenixRising

    Flock U Casa Boogie photos online

    Great photos Matt!!! Thank you for attending the boogie. It was a great time, and having you and Scotty to capture it makes it even better. See you at the boogie next year! Justin