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  1. jc1513

    XRW risers

    Trim tab risers thanks. As far a questions i would ask wear do i find them.
  2. jc1513

    XRW risers

    Any know wear i can buy some XRW risers?
  3. I started jumping at orange full time this summer and have come to realize that this is one of the premier east coast dropzone. All the staff here are at the top of their game and go way out their way to keep every thing safe. I have been working at dropzones all over the country for years, but have not ever been any where that makes it so professional. They start at the student level and keep it going even with skydivers with 2000+ jumps like myself. It's hard to find a dropzone where you can keep learning with lots of jumps under your belt, but orange is the exception to that rule.
  4. 2, 3 years ago if you wanted a kick ass video camera you got a pc 1000 but with the hds you cant really put your finger on which one is going to be the new skydiving camera. i am just really get in to video and want to get a good one. any suggestions
  5. My first one went bad in in 2 weeks. when i changed the battery. I told altimaster and thay sent a new one right out and it just stopped working. This thing is dangerous. i think it will lead to someones death if given the time. i know that if i get a hold of lara kjeldsen the office manager she would just send me a new one but my life is more important to me then the 200+ $ i spent so i am jut going to put my neptune in the trash ware it belongs john carlson
  6. all i have ever jumped is a king air and a PAC750xl. The PAC makes the king air look slow the ride to alt is like its time to go allready and it can slow down more on jump run.