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  1. When I was younger and dumber, against all sensible advice I went from a sabre 150 to an FX83. I survived and didnt hurt anyone, mostly because I tookevery jump with the FX seriously and was really lucky. Every jump was rather exciting to say the least. So based on my experience you might get away with it too. However the downside is you probably won't get to be a great canopy pilot by downsizing this quickly because you don't build solid foundations and skills. I know I didnt.
  2. nice post dude and on the money.
  3. yep I knew Lukas and that haunts me too. IMHO BASE is pure self-indulgence. Fcuking great when you have no responsibilities but it doesnt add up for me personally with a kid on the way.
  4. base695

    Going BIG

    my experience is that as you drop into lower wing loadings (eg lower than 0.65 or 0.6) heading reliability seems to reduce all other things being equal. This is partic true for sub terminal and shorter delays. I weigh 165 and get much better heading perf on my 245 than on my 285 & 280.
  5. why don't you tell us when your "friend" jumped WS AF?
  6. If the brigde was made illegal.....I think there is a strong chance it would reduce numbers getting into the sport. You could also argue it would further reduce proportion of wrong type of new people getting into the sport the flakey wannabes who arent prepared to put in the hard yards but just want to treat base as extension of skydiving. As a result it would probably reduce the fatality rate......
  7. I think its a very good idea, especially us "all moving down one" as Nick says. It is darkly funny, totally inappropriate and would make ya think and maybe learn each time your number was upgraded.
  8. "TWOPLY QUOTE 9. Routing the control lines outside the rings on the risers and outside the slider grommets for slider down. It's been a while but I do remember someone jumping slider down with the control lines through the riser rings. I was new at the time and he was vauge as to his reasoning. Maybe he is here reading these?" No he's not reading this....he's on the list (but not for a rigging error). The rationale was: there is some probability of making a mistake changing from slider up to slider down if you misroute one or both of the lines through the rings. The consequence of such a mistake is high and potentially unsurvivable - offheading/line twists and object strike/slider hang up streamer. There are lots of stories of people making mistakes like this, mostly getting away with it, sometimes not (I've seen it happen and stuffed up once myself) On the flip side the probability of a slider down tail gate line over is (almost) zero; the consequence obviously is a spiral in (which will seriously mess you up but probably not kill you). So on balance it appears the risk equation favours always keeping lines through keeper rings IF you change configuration (Slider up/down) on a regular basis. For what its worth I always use the line mod slider down. ps for me risk = probability * consequence
  9. base695

    KIDS and BASE

    to base841...just curious out of your 100 base jumps how many are from the Twin Falls MacBridge?
  10. It looked to me that it wasnt (just) a brake line over the nose but maybe a D or C, bit too far to see. From what I recall he tried a couple of deep flares to try to release the line over (which BTW sometimes works but didnt this time) then released the offending toggle. Canopy was still mal'd up and did about a 270 before pounding him in. He would have been right f#cked up if it had been on the land - but as he wasnt we couldnt be bothered doing further analysis - there was another load to catch. Human natures a funny thing eh.
  11. I saw a slider up line over from #7 kjerag last year. He had WLO toggles and released 'em but it didnt clear the line over. Luckily he was in a prodigy and had tracked over the water so only got wet when he spiralled in. so some sort of slider up tail gate may help reduce risk of line over - I personally use masking tape
  12. As Dougs would say...jump and aim to put your dick at eye level...the momentum will take care of the rest. Only you probly won't make the balloon driver happy as they like you to just drop off as they arent keen on the swinging jumping causes.
  13. I suppose I best elaborate for those Deadly Serious Jumpers amongst us... Some of the things are all time experiences that have to be done in ya life time.....some are silly (and in hindsight) funny stuff ups that happen if you are human and in the sport long enough....and some just occur when ya say to yourself f*ck it i'm going to try my luck with something stupid for the sheer hell of it.
  14. Idea stolen from surfer magazine: Anyway, 67 things you must do as a basejumper before you die - and I am not saying I recommend them all: 1. Have a 180 and get away with it 2. Do Elcap 3. Break a bone 4. Get chased by the police after a jump 5. Take someone for their first jump 6. F*ck on top of an object then jump. Or land and f*ck. 7. Jump a building in a busy city at night onto the street 8. Make a pilgrimage to Kjerag 9. have a 180 and object strike 10. Do Trllspire 11. Do a European road trip 12. Do one of the events in Malaysia 13. Make your mates draw straws at the exit point. Laugh at the person who draws the short one. Then make them go first. Or last. 14. Find a new site. 15. Get your base number, or at least qualify for it. 16. Go to Bridge Day 17. Climb the outside of a pretty big tower or crane with your rig in a stash bag. No safety devices allowed. 18. Rock climb a wall...and then jump off it. 19. Do an expedition to Baffin 20. Make a tree landing 21. Take your wingsuit off one 22. Do a road trip in Russia 23. Jump a rig that has been packed for at least 12 months. 24. Jump a converted skydiving set up 25. The waterfall in venezuela 26. The cave in mexico 27. Do a Very Dangerous Jump with kneepads as your only protective equipment 28. Do a jump without being exactly sure wether you are packed slider up or slider down. 29. Jump the mushroom Thats all I can think of for now....any others??
  15. This is ignorant and whuffoish on so many levels its ridiculous. Also is it just me or does anyone else think it is lame and bad karma to go around telling people to be careful all the time its basejumping for f#cks sake