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  1. troublemaker. did you say 420...
  2. now that's funny! put me down for 420...
  3. yes but can you imagine living in a society rife with uneducated adults huh?
  4. Blair, thank you for posting this when you felt ready...i have no concept of how you feel right now but my thoughts are with you and everyone that was touched by him. I met Tom when i took Tom Aiello's FJC this past september...we'd just be getting to the park at the bridge to do our first jump of the day and he'd have already done 5, it was amazing. He was such a nice man. On my 6th BASE off the Perrine the group decided to climb out (Tom always climbed out), I was scared to death but he was so cool and stayed right behind me because I was terrified of falling backwards, I'd never climbed a cliff before and it was scarier than any of the jumps I did that week. Last week he posted and commented that he was drinking in preparation for jumping all night on New Years Eve, I thought it was hilarious! I started to pm him to tell him that I too was engaged in some pre-drinking activities...but then I didn't send it (I'd been drinking, haha, and didn't know how a drunk pm from someone he'd only met a few times would go over). I wish now I had pressed the reply button. I went to his web page, and if any of you haven't done so, I encourage you to do the same. In particular read his breakdown of 101 things to do before you die. He did most of the things he wanted to but of the ones he didn't, finding the love of his life is the most poignant. So Tom, in your honor I will never be afraid to tell someone I care about them, I will never be afraid to drunk pm those that make me laugh (look out ya'll, no apologies).
  5. It has to be. If the BASE experience is something you desire you're gonna do it anyway, despite the obstacles. I'm a mom, I have responsibilities that in a perfect world dictate that I have no business jumping BASE. But you know, I want to live my life as if each day is a fucking gift. Whether I die jumping, or if I die in a nursing home living in the's all good.
  6. well i for one hope that me and my belly plant landing are NOT on the video.
  7. last week my mom sent me money for a golf laser...tonight she asked me if i was taking up golf.
  8. Tom! I love these clamps. I use 12 of them. People may laugh but I can pack in gale force winds.
  9. oh, that is so it un-natural to lust after an inanimate object...
  10. haha, let me know when you find that legal A...congratulations by the way, did you jump a BASE or a skydiving rig?
  11. damn I thought Jane Goodall was dead. apparently she's very much alive... carry on.
  12. You know Mr. Treejumps, if you're so embarrassed to be associated with Miles' childish behavior, why don't you end the association...but what would you have to do to achieve that goal? Quit BASE? Quit posting in this forum? Seems you have some difficult decisions to make.
  13. i agree with you Chad, my single climb up that cliff had me whining like a girl...oh wait... this is no mean feat that Miles is attempting, best of luck to ya, be safe and make us proud. oh, and Miles, don't forget to smile!
  14. the reason some of us aren't such great cooks is because we're doing the laundry, refereeing the children and vaccuming at the same time we're burning dinner...
  15. Thanks Tom, your suggestion seems more practical than Faber's
  16. What is the conventional wisdom on breaking in these boots? I don't want to ruin them, but I've definitely got to do something and fast.
  17. Oh Russel! Where James is sorry he missed it live...I'm glad I did, my stomach would have been tied up in knots! You have definitely redefined no fear, I'll be thinking of you and your courage as I'm clinging to my first A.
  18. Yes it is my rig, no I'm not pregnant, and I have made a mental note to self...beware of Danes. I've attached a few pictures of the group: FJC1 Tom, me, Kate Cooper, James McAlinden, Michael Schwery, and Eric Fraley. FJC2 graduation photo with honorary deathcamper pBASEtobe. FJC3 Death Camp 05...What could possibly go wrong?
  19. Awesome pictures Mike! It was really great to see ya there. Anyone think that bent right leg in the last picture could have contributed to my off heading opening 90 degrees left? My heading was consistently off the last few jumps and it was speculated that it could be packing (2-pin rig) or that I was pitching too hard, this seems like another possibility since body position is so critical in BASE.
  20. Just got back from a week in Twin Falls, Idaho attending Tom Aiello's FJC. I have to say that this has been one of the most incredible experiences of my life. 11 base jumps, 9 solo, a two way with my friend Zennie, and an awesome 5 way graduation jump are just the beginning of what I hope to be a long BASE career. Tom, I can't thank you enough. Your course was thorough, your teaching technique well thought out and your respect for each of your students comfort level much appreciated. I also want to thank your wife Cherie, she is a real sweetheart. Her love for you and understanding of your passion for this sport is what really made it all possible.
  21. fractured my fibula in two places...was jumping in 2 months. broke tib/fib, gotta plate 8 pins and 2 screws...doc said i couldn't jump for six months, told him i'd give him four...i'm not a very good patient. alot is up to you, bones heal relatively fast, it's the damage to tendons that take the most time, work hard in therapy. for both breaks i was working it out on my own before therapy was even prescribed. your pain threshold will also play an important part on how hard you push it. did you break your ankle skydiving?
  22. Get one of those 0% interest for a year credit cards, when the first payment comes due, transfer the balance to another one. You can do this indefinitely...of course I do recommend making a payment occasionally.
  23. I agree this is excessive, is there any way as taxpayers we can request an itemized list of expenses?