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  1. apparently you do. he stated a fact. you need to move on.
  2. it WILL open, we are the impetus that causes that chain of reactions that make it happen. but i'm preaching to the choir... we pack these rigs so carefully and yet a lazy pitch makes it a moot point. i read in another thread were the iowa skydivers referred to him as their mentor, yet he only had 65 BASE jumps, that's scary. my mentor has over 600, i'm comfortable with that, i'm not comfortable with 65. this whole situation saddens me deeply, i was at couchfreaks this year and i know what a tight knit group they are...this is a sad event and my thoughts are with all of you. EFS! EAT, FUCK, SKYDIVE!
  3. i was checking out omniskore...where are the vrw teams, i thought they were going to be out there this year.
  4. what about iowa? i seem to recall airport personel chasing you down when you left couchfreaks...
  5. i didn't do it.... btw, congrats on you 10,000th post.
  6. i'm jealous, i wanna go to bridge day...meow. as far as the hair, i think it's too long. you need to go back and have him cut the rest of it off. you have an angular face which is perfect for that kind of cut.
  7. i want to apologize in advance to everyone who planned to jump the ballon at this years boogie. i will, in fact, be paying the $30 boogie fee so that i can jump the hell out of the wingsuit. i know it's selfish of me but, that's just the way i am.
  8. dude! events NOT advertising you had me for a minute...but then i read slow.
  9. i second that...tony haven't seen you in ages! heard this from #1 himself so it must be true.
  10. yes, this configuration works particularly well on 300' spans.
  11. someone was giving me a hard time about not posting in this thread. done.
  12. this is meltdown's new band, he's also the drummer for the progressive metal band "Watchtower" so they should rock!
  13. i'll translate this for you...your skydiving rig will NOT do it for you. hope you don't die.
  14. dude, check the original post...i think he's jumping a well.
  15. i always thought it was Andre, the cat with 8 lives left...regardless, he's pretty hot
  16. the begining is the BASE fatality list. read it, then decide if you wish to continue your 'quest'. here's the link...again. World BASE Fatality List