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  1. i'm not in FL. but have a few buds there. just going to pass info to them. if they feel comfy with someone new they can show diablopilot around. and theyll have me PM him. since they showed me i'm not going to be free with their info. they sared with me. i don't think they even come on here to basezone. they keep to them selves. real old school stuff. i have to say while i'm still here where i'm at. there's someething to be said about keeping your stuff low profile. but i'll pass info on to them. take it easy.
  2. looking at your profile it doesn't say how many BASE jumps you have. if that's what your looking for? what's your experience level? what's your object experience?
  3. newbie4ever


    could somebody please explain what APOOPA is? thank you and pardon my ignorance ya'll. peace.
  4. i didnt mean better(west only) i just meant in paticular to my surroundings. and what i had done out there and some of the people i met etc. and "real" again was just to my experiences. sorry about mywording!
  5. i recently went out of state to do some "real" base jumps and realized: where i'm at now kinda sucks and i'm going back again=work realated. and if i have the same experience i did the last time i'm actually thinking about asking for a transfer of work out west. is there something wrong with this? imean it's all about moving for base i'll actually be losing money i,e cost of living but gaining sites/weather and being around some cooler people etc. bye
  6. i recently static lined a low cliff out of state from where i live and another guy was there too and he freefell it. it was pretty low about 175 to 190 feet. i was there with a local from the local DZ. he and i thoughT he was crazy. he said "if i can't freefall it, it aint worth the packjob". and some other things as well. he also said he'd jumped once before static line and didn't like it. so he was proving something to himself or something like that. and also said he was never jumping the site again. i found it odd he was there by himself doing it solo and all but each there own. anyway is there anybody else out there who's anti static line? i mean it made me think: if its so low and can't freefall it, and have to worry about heading, stability issues and pilotchute issues, and all other issues maybe you shouldn't be jumping it? if you scare yourself out of the jump and only feel safe doing a static line or even pca SHOULD YOU EVEN BE JUMPING IT?
  7. normaly i just kept it off but now im starting to find it a real pain moving from one object to the other in a day and removing to repack.. i have a fear of problems if i have it on. how do you keep your slider down and in place? thanks
  8. do you ever sometimes when your jumping with another jumper realize "i would never be hang with this guy at all if he didn't base!" like some selfish winey richkid. (no offense to all you unselfish richkids who are humble.) or some really arrogant overly competitive skygod prick. or some know it all asshole who's always right know matter what the topic. or whatever you get the point. but you force yourself because theres really not that many of us. anyway was just wondering on everyone else's thoughts? bye
  9. so it seems everybody is using a large mesh slider. i have a pretty good idea why. but i'm going to ask why not a small mesh? and why big mesh? thanks! all the responses are great!
  10. hey again, i realize nicks free time offered/volunteered to do the site. and again it wasn't meant as an insult. so i guess i should of just PMed him. bye
  11. look it wasn't meant as an insult. i was just curious about a few things that happened just recently. and again i said this to nick and i told him i was not as an insult. bye i
  12. cool, appreciate it! i'm just thinking too much and want to do it right. thanks tom.