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  1. Amanduh

    Dublin '05

    texas check-in!!! I watched part of the DVD the other day. Brought back a ton of memories. Great times for sure!
  2. damn this one hurts. You were always the first to greet me when walking up to the DZ. Always a huge smile, and the biggest bear hugs. You lit up the way in. You knew everyone by name that ever jumped at Spaceland. You took pride in this. You took pride in everything you did. You were seriously one of the hardest workers and as said above, that smile never left your face. This entire thing makes me sick at my tummy. I feel for you. I miss you. We all do. blue skies, scott. ..oh yeah, and thanks for always being my tester to make sure I wasn't getting poisoned
  3. you never get enough do ya, woman? got bad news for ya - i have somehow managed to block out all of those mind games you love to play. name the time and place. rematch biotch!
  4. chuck - if you need a ride get my # from Katie and give me a call. i'll pick a skymonkey up...i guess
  5. a lil here....a lil there...... trying to stay out of trouble hope to see ya in july
  6. Brittany will be in town this weekend. So...HOUSTON PEEPS! this Saturday 8pm'ish Jillian's off of I-10 See ya there! amanda EDITED - GOOD POINT!
  7. shut up pretty boy. go suntan or something
  8. Amanduh


    Happy Birthday kittie!!!!!!! *MEOW* *MOW* *MAJ* or whatever in N-orgy luv ya!
  9. I miss those days too! Hopefully you two will both be back for Skyfest Brit - I could kick your a$$ for using that footage - but I haven't laughed that hard in a long time...."QUESO!?" "Just one more'll be fine" hahaa! luv ya girl! Good job on the DVD - fav would have to be your swimming action off the norway chapter..beautiful lil fishy
  10. as long as you dont snore this time.
  11. Agree. Nice one Miles! Hey Brit - we still got the 150 to focus on - it's ooookaayyyyy haha! get back before the rodeo ends!..and bring your fish
  12. Amanduh


    after my 3rd jump (1st hand held. first 2 jumps were PCA sub 300) i made a comment to a friend of mine (very experienced jumper) that after I opened I felt 'dazed' and kinda like 'oh yeah, gotta fly this thing'....his response "we have all been there, but eventually it will turn from 'oh yeah gotta fly this thing' to 'oh actually worked!'" he then explained how he as well expects a 180 every jump and when it opens on heading it's relief. From that point - instead of praying for an on heading opening, i began expecting a 180. i think that kept me alive on jump 5 (when i had my first 180 off a tower (1 sec delay - damn that A looked scary from 20 feet away)
  13. Amanduh


    dude. total sickness!!!