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  1. Hey Folks, I wasn’t in Rotterdam. I just organized many legal stuff in the past. And to shrink it down what it is: BASE is jumping from fixed Objects. Nothing more or less. And if the public or corporates can be used as a door opener whe should be thankfull for the permition to jump this particular location. And as we will be ambassadors of our sport in such situations, we carry a huge responsibility with us towards our fellow jumpers and the World BASE Community itself. Everybody who is not able to respect this cicumstances and environment of someone elses stage just should step back and keep BASE in the world he/she may think it belongs. I pitty the guy who needed to produce himself in Rotterdam that far to feel to be someone. A BASE jumper, who normally should hold enough self asteem, just should be wiser than this. It’s always our own choice to use such events as a great chance to create a reasonable image and understanding instead of abusing this gift for our ego. It is never a useful tool infront of the society or thrill seeking media to be reckless, producing show offs or do things we never would do without audience. But as BASE once started, weren’t we the people who really live(d) the dream of human flight? Are we meanwhile so far away that we only can care about our personal attention and therefore use BASE. And if tomorrow it will be fancy to throw yellow balls on red cars we do that? I can’t tell but BASE is much more than just to serve ourselfs. It’s the idea of curiosity, adventure and the human desire of development. It’s the perfect picture of why we are alive. We should keep this treasure by trying to understand the deeper meaning of its value. So don’t burn secret sites and don’t fuck up legal ones. And shut up telling what you did last night and don’t show all your videos around. Don’t take yourself to important pretending it is important for all others what you are doing. And of course make wise choices to whom you open the door into BASE. The consequences are coming up anyway. Go BASE for your own and respect it Siya M.
  2. Mahle


    I'm sure everybody is right by regarding things thru his own eyes. And there are some good points out already. But what about the question? M.
  3. Mahle


    Hey, while we know a lot about fatality reasons, we have less informations about the equipment involved. As fatalities in BASE increased the last years, I'm just interested in how the equipment may corelate to this or if it's just randomly equal (like Velcrorigs vs. Pinrigs / Classic Canopies vs. Upgrated New Style Canopies) So question: Who knows more about the fatalities of the last 5 years? Example: Fatality # xx used a 2 Pin Rig with an 240 blabla, 48" F-111 PC (of course all other details can be found on "the list"). Maybe we find new things in such a view. I'm somehow curious. Anyway, I don't want to offend anybody among us. Not even the dead ones. If somebody out there already worked on this, please PM me. Mahle German BASE Association
  4. Hi, just want to post this attachement again. It contains some thoughts about pcs, too. I wrote this a while ago after years of own research. I checked it once in a while and updated new thoughts. So I don't know if it is a wise document. It's just a point of view. I'm this way not overly concerned but it seems basic stuff gets lost quicker and quicker. feel free to read it my 2 cents M.
  5. @ Peter, the diaper ist just one wrap in the same width as the container around the s-folded canopy (like a clamp). Closed with wo crommets and a safety stow. So the canopy stays compact in one piece during the pull/throw and it allows the lines to stretch out first and let the canopy inflate in some distance to you and your shit you definetly will carry with you at that moment. Well, as it has never to be used yet in the real world because our BASE specific materials are, used in the right way, relieable. We have statistics meanwhile of more than 10 000 jumps inside the GBA with no technical problems (knock on wood). But as I said before it's just all about legal matters. @ others, of course guys, to built a reserve for BASE didn't happen because we were afraid of jumping our single parachute systems. Hellooo ... somebody home ...? And it's a more and more clear, that it is a clever idea to collect informations about your BASE equipment by jumping it out of a plane or ballon. And as Adam Filippino said, as long as you haven't jumped your brand new canopy it's just a piece of fabric. I wouldn't risk life for that just to show off on this stupid big balls challenge cup. And you are free to go out and live your own idea of BASE. Be gracefull to the rest that they give you this freedom. And as you expect acception for this you shouldn't judge the others who care more about preparation. It's their way to respond to the sport before they go out and represent our community. pull before you hit the ground and don't fuck up M.
  6. Hi John, we germans have reserves for this. But your project seems to have a major error by trying a velcro rig off a plane. There are many possibilities of premature container opening due to climb out and freefall(moving itself or scratching on parts of the plane or high airspeeds directly to the shrivel flap, extreme tracking body positioning, etc.). Therefore you must use a pin rig with adequate pin pressure, etc. And as you go on, saying you don't need TSOed materials, so how do you need a reserve there anyway? Do you have to carry one because of some restrictions of the law, the dropzone or is it your own wish? The german reserves are mount on some D-Rings which you wear at the tersh loops. But to make it reasonable, there has to be a reinforcement on Perigees for example. The bottom of the reserve is also fixed at the lower MLW. That would compromise with pressurized clothings or wingsuits. The round canopy inside the container is intended to be additionally pulled to a partial malfunctioning BASE main. This never happend yet, but it's just a speedbrake then and not a alternative BASE canopy. So this should only be considered if you really have to use them by law enforcement. Technically there are much more details like you have to mount an apex line up to 5 sec delay and you have to remove it when you take a longer delay. So you need to know how to pack this reserve. And this changes your minimum pullaltitude for this reserve from 200ft to 350ft AGL. It works with a free diaper with tailpocketlike linestowing. It must be thrown away during the pull move and stretches out because of mass inertia. The inflation depends on the excisting airflow which is present concerning your malfunction and delay. It's an high speed tested canopy and can be pulled allone in the case of a total. But it is never a substitude for a BASE specific canopy. At least you should know how to land such an unsteerable sinking ship and how it affects your emergency procedure behaviour. The price for a complete reserve is about 1000 Euros plus shipping. We here had to show this system because we were forced to. No discussion. So I recomment better to borough a big student rig somewhere to pack in your BJ for testjumps out of a plane and you will have much more fun and less technical obstacles or even problems. M.
  7. Mahle

    Static Line 'V' Dbag

    I think the main difference is the momentum force at the very first moment of canopy inflation. At this point the energetic connection of the jumper to the canopy with a D-Dag is much stronger than at an SL. As you never will be able to just push a nail into wood with a hammer but if you hit it with momentum it goes with the abrupt dynamic. So in my opinion the D-Bag works faster because of the better dynamic when the sequence comes to inflation. The reason is that the D-Bag goes from bottom to top, SL from top to bottom. Additionally the SL (no matter how short) always creates more vertical acceleration distance compared to a D-Bag. This results into more energy which must be decelerated by the visible longer move of the opening. Also the single stow (if used) creates a micro delay which supports the vertical acceleration in a SL jump. Well that's anyway much to much theory. It just feels better with a D-Bag in 75' ...
  8. Just found some time to read thru this and reply ... magot: I'n sory for u gui (listen to your friends and take all the pills next time) psychokiwi: Livia is the one and Douggs did count as one
  9. I had some pms about the "Nose Gate". It's still part of the OH Research Project. All I can say is, that it doesn't prevent an OH. It's just a try to eliminate inertia to the nose part during inflation. M.
  10. Youh, of course, posting this document creates maybe responsibility. But as I said. It's my point of view which is based on my experiences. I jump BASE since 9 years and did 487 jumps yet. Of course this guarentees nothing but it's also a to long way to explain all my observations leading into this conclusions. The document is therefore not intended to start a defending battle. You all are free to have different opinions or only partly go with me. Thanks M.
  11. I did this a while ago for the GBA and translated it later for some friends. It was never intended to be published because it's only my point of view. The key to send this today were the two fatalities in switzerland on the weekend. Therefore it's just a share of information. M.
  12. Hey Greeny, thanks for sharing. As I guess you just copied this into the forum from the UK BASE board. So to whom it may concern, whatever BASE means to you, your overall story confirms randomly the usefull conclusions which are collected by smart BASE people since Jean Boenish released “BASEics” in 1984. I hope it attracts future newbies of your kind to think over. Even all your experiences are a little to multiversal and so I don’t really get rid of the feeling that a smart mind would like to punk the death camping developments we all registrate more and more often in these days. Anyway, don’t land on the fatality list and don’t let BASE be a coincidence. It can be done with more responsibility to yourself and the community. Although we all can never eliminate the natural danger of the beast. live long and prosper M.
  13. Mahle

    BASE Association

    Our courses are in german language. All materials are in german language, too, and we have a very detailed plan to cover all possible needs a german BASE jumper may face, starting with fixed object jumping. This includes a big variety of basics which middle Europe requires from someone. So therefore we don't do quick stuff. It may takes a newbie about 1 month and more to do all groundpreparations and flight exercises from a plane and a balloon. This is also due to the fact that we have very less access to first timer objects with optimal conditions. So if someone wants to start here, the Scout who mentors him has to have a very good idea of whom he is dealing with. So this is anyway always the first line of defense. Böse bleiben M.
  14. Mahle

    BASE Association

    Well done Hajo, thanks. Just to add, that the GBA followed the needs of BASE itself. And objects do not make a difference between official/legal or inofficial/illegal. It just counts what your abilities and knowledge are in order to your performance. It's all about if you can do it and not that you are allowed to do it. And as Hajo described our political environment. It's all based on rules we didn't invent. As everybody is free to use his training know-how once he is educated enough. Mahle GBA