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  1. No...I am not hassling you over "low-timer"...I'm talking about my mail-box
  2. Jason is it true, that you let someone from "WhiteWater" jump? Eventhou he had never made a skydive before? Do I need to go on?
  3. Please! Jason, well lets start with my mail box that one of your vans took out.......
  4. I received many phone calls about these jumpers... can not stress enough, about out-of-state plates in the off season up in Summersville when everything this closed for the winter. Alot of people are looking for quick money, base jumpers are HOT. I did see these cars...I knew right away that they where base jumpers. I could not find the drivers, PLEASE be careful. The NPS and DOH was not happy with Bridge Day last year. DOH had there "feelings hurt." Please be careful! The more that people get caught, the more talk starts about closing Bridge Day! DOH is already MAD over last year! Thank you, Jess
  5. Make sure that you have a ticket for your fight before you get to the gate. Waiting at gate wondering why the airport is closed. That is why they call me grounded.
  6. "questioned her credentials" did she or did she not have at least 50 jumps?
  7. QuoteWe pulled her badge Thursday night. Story here: Did you look at her log book? When I was there, there was 51 jumps in her log. I'm just not getting something!
  8. I ran into a girl at the local dz in Charleston, other skydivers were giving her tips for the bridge. Does anyone know if she jump?
  9. I guess that I was looking for a more of an answer than that.
  10. Let me ask this.....what are the pros and cons of the sport?
  11. I need some help getting started in the sport. I went out and visited a Drop Zone near where I live. I noticed that there was only one female, and the guys where picking on her. (what guys do the best) I have made one skydive (in a different state) and I wanted to get into the sport. My question is how well is a female welcomed into the sport?