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  1. Wendy things are looking up, but we are still a bit off. Thought you'd like to know
  2. Thank you 'twardo. Will PM the address to you momentarily. Pass the word if you can to any non-dz.commers is
  3. Such a kind/funny, as well as a genuinely good manQuote. My heart goes out to his family/Spaceland Family as you all find your way through the pain of this terrible loss. Blue Skies forever. Scary Shari is
  4. i was watching this show and recognized the wind tunnel at perris valley where they repo'd a hot air balloon. somebody's gotta give the real scoop on the "acting" here... tooo funny. is
  5. one big thing that truly helped me was to visualize the skydive and see it as the camera flyer. See yourself doing everything flawlessly - from exit to breakoff. On the ride to altitude, keep it simple, don't think about mechanics. Just get there. It'll come. Brainspace: Don't sabotage yourself with thinking about what you may screw up and/or forget. That takes up valuable headspace that some of us just have too little of.. Keep it fun and don't beat yourself up. Your progression will be on a greater curve. Then, you can trick 3 other people into flying with you.... well, that's what i had to do. is
  6. wildfan, you are doomed to brainlock your next 10 skydives after that statement. Skydude, I swear there are complete skydives in the otter as it flys away. Then there are 3 other people pointing and laughing, and of course its always on video. As far as stressing over memory. Stop stressing - it leaves more room for memory. Then, learn the skydiver's prayer, but never say it outloud. is
  7. Somebody make a clicky: Very, very cool!! is
  8. Okay, I'll bite. I have had some border-line dreams that made me feel a little psychic, and they were soo v-i-v-i-d. Well, I had another very "vivid" dream that I walked into the hangar and took the Otter for a ride. It was fun but then I didn't make it back to the DZ because I crashed the plane. I felt really bad and Mr. B was not happy. It didn't happen. Plus, I just don't think they'd let yours truly take the plane for a little spin. If anything, it has kept me from pursuing any ambitions of flying anything than me or a kite. is
  9. Since AI sucked - at least try Bulgarian Idol... tilibido baduchoo is
  10. Just trying to throw this out there, hoping maybe there is a better explaination for her bizarre behavior. Is it possible that she is struggling with something like MS? Just a thought. Anyway....I'm watching Michael Johns...yummy. He should have been the new front man for INXS. I found some of his music with one of his former bands...good stuff IMHO. That's my post for the month. is
  11. Before we all assume suicide, let’s consider the recent epidemic of sleep walking/sleep driving, etc from taking prescribed sleep medication. Ambien for one. This stuff can have pretty crazy side-effects on an unsuspecting person. Even at the prescribed dosage with no alcohol. Yes, he od’d, but did he do this while sleepwalking? Sounds crazy, but it happens. Just my 2 pennies. is
  12. Go to the News Home Page. Look to the far right under Video On Demand. The drop down list has the edited version of the media release. is
  13. Blue Skies Ray. I can't believe you are gone. I enjoyed seeing you and hearing your passionate views of TSA and its purpose. Thanks for your friendship and laughter. is
  14. Goodbye my friend. Your face and hugs will forever be missed. We sat together and watched a beautiful sunset yesterday and had you in our hearts. Thank you for the smiles and the lucky hand-slap/butt bumps...we'll never forget you. We are all hurting but find peace in having you in our lives. -shari is