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  1. We lost Dennis Anderson this morning. He died on his motorcycle, on his way to work. Some idiot pulled out right in front of him, trying to cross 288. He t-boned the car. Died at the scene. Dennis was one of those very special people, I have known him since I started skydiving six years ago. He was a mentor to me. He helped me rig my first demo flag. He just came back from Oshkosh, got to jump every day, had a great time. He was one of those people who was always happy, always had something nice to day. He would do anything for anybody - just because. I can't think of anyone who didn't like and respect him. I am sorry, this is just so hard to write, so hard to believe. On Sunday, we had a cutaway, I was out there when we found the parachute, the freebag was was somewhere in a wheat field - 4 or 5 feet high, very hard to find. It was getting late, we couldn't find it. The next morning, Dennis came to me, he wanted to know where to look, so I told him where we found the parachute and where to look for the freebag. He also wanted to know how to get out there on the four-wheeler - it was a couple of miles. He went out on the four-wheeler, couldn't find it, then he took the cessna (172) up to look for it from the air. Took him about 3 hours or so, but he found it. He didn't get anything out of it. He probably paid for he cessna time himself - he loved to fly, he loved to jump, he loved being a rigger - I am very particular and he is one of the few people I trust to work on my canopies or repack my reserve. He did the tandem for my wife, he really made a difference for her, but he was always that way. I am sorry for rambling, but there are just so many good things to say about Dennis, and I can't think of anything bad. I will miss him dearly, Spaceland will just not be the same without him. I am not a bg fan of Shiner Bock, but that is what Dennis liked - I bought him a case once or twice for a cutaway (his reserve repack saved my life) and fixing a bad lineset form the factory. I am going to have a Shiner tonight, and burn a candle. He had such a positive affect on so many people. I need not worry about him finding peace in what lies beyond, I know he will - and he will make it a better place. Blue Skies My Friend, you will always be remembered CrazyLarry
  2. Hey Everyone, I want to thank you all for your warm wishes and prayers - it really means a lot - I was really surprised when I found this thread, its nice to have family. Everyone has been great to me - a few people drop by and help me with cleaning and going to the store for me, etc...but the best part is having someone to talk to. EZ, Jim and Angela stop in on my pretty often and Walt calls every couple of days. It has helped me a lot. I had taken some time off working for a month long road-trip. Got to see the shuttle go up under a 3-stack at night with Ballistic Bob and Damien (at Sebastion) and was planning on getting my tandem rating a week later, 3 days after the launch, I was in bed and haven't really been out of bed since - that was November... getting to do the jump with jim (twardo) was great, but I paid for it - couldn't even move for 4 days...LOL. Everyone at Spaceland was looking out for me, it was nice. I can't wait until I can go and jump all day again, but its going to be a while. Well, I do my last round (hopefully) tomorrow (Monday). Just for the record, I am not taking 3X the regular amount, its three drugs, given IV, three times in one setting, once a week. As this crap attacks the immune system, I have also been lucky enough to catch every bug going around...MRSI, strep, flu, etc - which has put me on the hospital a few comes the hard part - my whole body hurts constantly and have no energy, I have to find a way to get my ass out of bed soon and start trying to put the weight back on...and the only way to do that is by working out, being able to eat won't do it by itself - metabolism prevents me from holding My best friend of 30 years is coming down from Maryland in a few weeks, he's going to play "drill sargent" to get me going down the right road...I've asked him to work my ass until I can't take anymore and then push for sympathy (you want sympathy, look between shit and syphallis in the dictionary...LOL). Don't worry though, the first time I went through this, they gave me 20% chance for two years...that was 10 years ago. I am just too mean to die...and besides, I ain't gonna die in bed...I am going to come screaming in yellin' "what a fucking ride!" Anyways, just waiting for the painkillers to kick in so I can get to the kitchen and try to eat something. Thank you all for all your wishes and prayers - I hope to see you all again soon. Peace, CrazyLarry "Life is 90% Attitude and 10% bullshit..."
  3. I love CRW and have 2 AAD's, a vigil and a cypress, one on each rig. Personally, I like the vigil, when you are not doing crw, you can pull last free fall time and velocity off it, you can also get an interface for it and download last 20 jumps...and since that first iteration they had, they appear to be "as good as required". Also, I think the Pro setting on the Vigil is 840 ft as opposed to 1000 on the cypress - like someone said, just turn it off when you are doing a downplane... The vigil is also cheaper... also, just putting the display in your rig without properly attaching it is a FAR violation and any rigger who does it for you could lose his ticket...and hence his livelyhood - I wouldn't even ask any riggers I know to do that...
  4. Maybe gone, but never to be forgotten... As I sit here drinking beer and thinking of Lee...several things come to mind... Always cheerful, always a crack of noon (if yer lucky;) skydiver, always a friend to everyone, always something to say on those short bus rides, always room fer yer beer in his fridge, always a smile and big bear hug, always room for one more in his trailer, always honest to the point of brutality, always knew what you got, always a wiseass, always more. Gonna miss you big time bro. The Farm will never be the same without ya. As I sit under canopy drinking my beer - it'll be cheers to you. See you on the other side - save some beer and boobies for me, will ya? Peace & Blue Skies, Love Ya Always Brother CrazyLarry
  5. lkealey

    Skydive The Farm

    I am from Texas and discovered the Farm while working a contract in Atlanta. The DZO's Hans and Sandy are great people and will go out of their way for anyone - they even arranged to have another fun jumper pick me up in Mid-town Atlanta and give me a lift out there for the weekend. Its up in North Georgia woods, but with plenty of outs, beautful country. They have a nice clean bunkhouse, plenty of room for campers and trailers, hot showers, washer & dryers, large packing area, very professional staff and very easy going. They really go out of their way to make you feel at home and ensure you have a great time. I have seen people come out and have a cut-away on their first or second jump of the weekend and the master rigger will drop everything and get you back in the air in a matter of a couple of hours... Usually they fly a grand caravan and or porter, a little slow to altiitude, but good planes with great pilots and big doors. They are also happy to accommodate special requests - I love to do cross-country jumps, especially when there are winds at altitude...all I have to do is tell the pilot where I want to get out - and they will put me there - even 10 miles out! Its a very family oriented DZ, lots of people bring their kids and they are running around on moterbikes or whatever having a good time. Greg, who owns the land can often be found outside in the afternoon cooking bbq for everyone (free!). Nite time on the weekend is always a good time. There is usually a poker game going on Saturday night and good parties all over the place. No "big screen" tv, but they do have a good sized TV in manifest with a few couches and DirectTV, along with wireless internet access. I live in Texas and still make my way to the Farm at least a few times a year. Once a month they have a $139 boogie - all you can jump Sat and Sun for $139 - definately worth it. The landing area is 55 acres, nice flat, soft grass that is well cared for. Two large ponds, plenty of outs...I have landed off a dozen times there and had people actually give me lemonaide when I landed in their pasture, and a ride back to the DZ - just good ole country folk. Can't reccommend The Farm highly enough! Good time guaranteed. Thanks Hans & Sandy - see you soon!