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  1. I just got the same email from this user... I hate scammers... _________________________________________ this space for rent.
  2. Yoshi

    congrats on your first

    they were cloth tabs... not pins. with velcro.. I dont really know what happened.. all I know is that I am glad I didnt have an off heading opening and once the canopy was open it wasnt turning fast...jsut a slow left hand turn... it didnt seem to effect the opening because it was on heading... I felt really good about it, and dave said my body position looked picture perfect.. so that I am sure helped from it getting out of hand. -yoshi _________________________________________ this space for rent.
  3. Yoshi

    congrats on your first

    for some reason I kept going over in my mind (before the jump) if I lost one to ditch the other one so I would be even. I thought if I had it in my hand for some reason when I flared on rears it would flare more on that side.. I didnt think about the brake setting and that I wouldnt fully flare on rears, so if it happens again Ill hang on to it. glad to hear you did another jump brit. hopefully I will be with ya sometime and we can do one together. -yoshi _________________________________________ this space for rent.
  4. Yoshi

    congrats on your first

    good point. I never even thought to keep the left toggle.. I jsut though to get rid of it so the tail would be even. I had plenty of alti (well I guess thats a matter of perspective) I was open at about 450 and I knew I could hit my landing area so I just ditched it. landing on rears wasnt that bad at all.. I almost stood it up, but the toggles would have been a nice addition given I needed to hit a tighter landing area or land on rough terrain. -yoshi _________________________________________ this space for rent.
  5. Yoshi

    congrats on your first

    yeah.. I dont plan on doing a "B" really soon... in fact I prob wont do another BASE really soon... I want to let this one sink in...then think about another. _________________________________________ this space for rent.
  6. Yoshi

    congrats on your first

    ok heres the deal..so I call a few people to see whats happening in the BASE scene.. I talk to a few people about it.. did a handfull of research etc. then on monday night I talk with DAVE. he is on his way to go make a jump... he calls about an hour later (and I am a dave and busters playing some video games) and he says he will be back in houston in about 30 min if I want to go make a jump.. so what was my reaction.. I hopped on my bike and got up to about 125mph on my way home (got lights flassed at me by a cop but he didnt pull me over) and I grabbed my equippment and made a change of clothes... we then headed to the site and started our just over and hour climb. I almost got sick at about 600 feet and I told dave maybe I should go there (since I was packed slider down) He told me he was packed slider up so he had to go higher and I didnt want him to climb alone so I kept pushing on. once we got the the exit point (about 780 feet) we took about 5 minuted to chill and think about what I was getting ready to do. I went over and over in my head everything that could go right or wrong and what I would do in every situation. I kept visualizing every situation I could think of and tried to build the muscle memory on what to do. .....the time comes. we call down to the ground crew and give them a 2 min warning... dave helped set me up with my pilot chute in hand and got my bridal all fixed up for the jump. he said" take as long as you need man. we can sit here for 30 min if you want" I said "call down and tell them i am going in about 10 seconds! :):):) he made the call I climbed up on the railing and looked down (HOLY SHIT!) oddly I wasnt nervouse really at this point...I wad full balance and I felt as if I was just standing on a curb or something... hell I was going to jump anyways so why did it matter if I fell right? about 5 seconds pass and I look out at the horizon..."3.2.1 c-ya!" out I go. I jsut thought about my body position and kept my chin up, knees kinda bent, chest out, and away I went... I felt like I was floating.. then the noise.. I counted one thousand one, one thousand two then took another split second and flicked the pilot chute. "POOF" theres the canopy "ohh thanks god there it is" I look up to see my left toggle on the riser but my right one is trailing behind me.. I am in a very slow left turn so I grabbed the left toggle, released it and threw it behind me so it could be closer to its friend (mr. right toggle) I then grabbed my rear risers and turned myself into the wind as I was spotting my landing area. we had a little breeze so I didnt have a ton of penetration so I practiced a few rear riser flares and kept my eyes on the prize...a nice little spot to land. I came in and at about 30 feet let the canopy fly...10-15 feet a nice slow rear riser flare and almost stood up the landing! just barely took a knee as I landed....then I jumped up and down trying my best not to scream at the top of my lungs! it took everything I had to not yell... I took off my helmet and looked up to see dave open and he came in for a nice stand up landing right next to me. I ran over and gave him a hug and was like "hell f-n yeah!" .... the climb was amazing..the view was spectacular, the jump was intense, everything about that night was really cool.. hope everyone elses first experience is as good as mine was. cant wait to do a day jump and some urban stuff!... -yoshi ps thanks again dave.. you helped me hold my own and kept me in the right frame of mind the entire time! _________________________________________ this space for rent.
  7. Yoshi

    congrats on your first

    was absolutely a blast.. I cant beleive that it was so intense. I cant wait to get into some urban shit... thanks for taking me up dave. I really appreciate it, and I am glad I got to do my first with you. I was getting kindof nevous on the climb... almost threw up either from the climb or the nerves or combination of the two, but I held my own and didnt hesitate once I had my toes over the edge. until next time!... -yoshi _________________________________________ this space for rent.
  8. Yoshi

    TX CPC2 pics.

    looks way cool.. I think I might even make it out to spaceland for the next meet.. if not to jump at least to hang out and see everyone again.. I did a hop and pop on tuesday and had a great swoop under a xaos 98... fun stuff.. but I did sell my rig :) hey...moffet! can I use your deamon 100??? J/K glad to see the meet went well in waller.. take it easy! -yoshi _________________________________________ this space for rent.
  9. Yoshi

    Congrats on your 1st...

    way to go ira... wish I could have seen your face when you landed.. I am sure it was priceless... have fun and be safe! -yoshi _________________________________________ this space for rent.
  10. Yoshi

    TX CPC Meet #1 Results

    glad to see the first meet went well. I wish that I was in to it enough to compete this year, but maybe I will be next year. I have been so down in skydiving that I have even contemplated getting out of the sport... I unpacked my stuff (from moving) and I found some certificates and medals from last year and I was able to reminise in a peaceful manner about how I used to fly.....hope to be back in the air again soon! be safe this season and good luck to all of the compeditors! -yoshi _________________________________________ this space for rent.
  11. Yoshi

    TEXAS CPC Meet #4

    glad things went well there.. maybe next year Ill be back in the competition mode... just couldnt bring myself to come to the meet... congrads to everyone else that competed -yoshi _________________________________________ this space for rent.
  12. Yoshi

    SkyFest 05 IS ON!

    I think right about the time your avatar pic was taken I was playing a little ditty on the guitar only feet away from the "crash pillow" fun times...even though I only made 3 jumps this year at skyfest I had a fun time... the baloon jump was spectacular! so much fun... -yoshi _________________________________________ this space for rent.
  13. Yoshi

    SkyFest 05 IS ON!

    right... I would hope you would know if my cpc ranking was a hoax then I would have made it 1st... and as far as the safety record... I think I did pay the registration... and it was on the thursday, but nothing broken (other than my ego) so Ill still let you lide with the safety record -yoshi _________________________________________ this space for rent.
  14. Yoshi

    SkyFest 05 IS ON!

    I think you might want to rephraze and zay zero serious injuries cuz I sure as hell didnt do that on purpose! -yoshi _________________________________________ this space for rent.
  15. Yoshi

    SkyFest 05 IS ON!

    well. I dont borrow gear anymore...for the most part. especially older gear for something like crew where gear is so drastically important. still kinda makes me wornder why many of the old crew dogs have some of the most worn out rigs and chutes... ohh well just my 2 cents -yoshi _________________________________________ this space for rent.