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  1. I just got the same email from this user... I hate scammers...
  2. Yoshi

    Texas CPC meet #1

    cant wait to compete! I am looking forward to learning more about advanced canopy flight and swooping in a course. -yoshi
  3. Yoshi

    Skydive Cincinnati

    This is my home dz... cant say much other than I have 3 other dz that are closer and I have never been to them... I would rather drive 1.5 hours than even take a weekend to check out a dz thats 20 min away! the people are great...I love the way that there is not the segregation here. The FF's get along with RW's and etc... whatever your discipline this palce can accomodate (shy of a swoop pond). Home of THE boogie make this place awesome as it is, but even on a "normal" weekend we get hoppin and try everything. This past weekend for example I did 13 jumps of which included hop and pops, track dives, free fly, hoola hoop jumps, swooping, and a little more freefly:) all in all this is a great place and if you are in Indianapolis, or Cincinatti, or Columbus you should check this out... -yoshi
  4. Yoshi

    Crossfire 2

    This is an awesome canopy.. I have jumped the 119, 109, 105 and have my very own 111 on its way.. cant wait and I highly suggest it for the right canopy pilot!
  5. Yoshi


    This helmet has saved me from a couple incidents where if I had no helmet I could have been hurt (mid air collisions). It was reasonably priced and side mounted video is great. the top mount is pretty small which makes it hard to mount a still camera (or top mount video) without additional hardware made (usually by you) to make the platform larger. all in all I like the helmet, and now that I am not using it for a camera helmet it is great. the dial to tighten it works great to give it a "snug" fit. after many times of tightening it, though, I did have to tighten the strings inside to get it to work again. my opinion: buy it!