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  1. brits17

    Skydive Moab

    I've will be attending the MOAB Skydiving Boogie for the 3rd year in a row this season - the staff is outstanding in customer service, safety and professionalism, plus how can you beat jumping into the most beautiful area in the US? Thanks Clint, Ben and the Moab crew for a great experience every time I visit. Highly recommended for first time and experienced skydivers.
  2. brits17

    460's Amazing 15 min. pack job

    0.5/hr [/guess] Who's jumping? Cause I wouldn't want to slider down
  3. brits17

    The Morning Report Friday, January 19, 2007

    Scoreboard: NPS - 5 BASE jumpers - 0
  4. brits17

    Goggles for Smaller Heads

    I've got the smallest head ever! And I like the Flex-Z goggles. Adjustable and inexpensive. Good stuff. Found some pics here:
  5. brits17

    I need some help please

    Yo Blake, Lysebotn is the name of the 'village.' Kjerag is the name of the rock folks hike and jump from. You can probably find good pics on the base klubb's website.
  6. brits17

    Moab Wedding - Witnesses Needed

    Sweet, congrats. I'll be there during that time and I'm sure many others will as well.
  7. brits17

    New Texas State HD Record- Officially

    Nice, congrats folks
  8. brits17

    Skyfest - Houston

    Yes, absolutely. You know my wee size, XS if you can swing it
  9. brits17

    still alive and kicking

    Glad you're ok... sorry to hear you got a little banged up. Take care of yourself out there...
  10. brits17

    Do Not Throw Rocks From The Bridge!

    LOL, I remember that one... come on David, post the video so we can see how good you look!
  11. brits17

    rig on ebay?

    BASE rigs on eBay aren't that uncommon. But I did send him a message regarding site naming in the item description... geez
  12. brits17


    What 460 said... and Coolio, congrats
  13. brits17

    attn Houston crew

    Hey Fab, Speaking out for the crippled crew, you know you're at least welcome to stop by and hang out this evening if nothing else. There's a skydiving party/gathering we can crash.
  14. brits17

    Racer speedbag

    I agree. After all, the standard tailpocket designed for stowing lines in a BASE rig has only a single locking stow. We don't hear of a bunch of BASE jumpers whining about "line dump" and how they're getting whacked all the time. Its basically non-existant if properly stowed. The freebag is the same concept. Jump Shack should leave well enough alone. The rubber bands are much more hassle than help. May I request a more elaborate explanation?
  15. brits17

    aerial frontloop

    Don't pull too early, you will wrap the bridle around your arm. Don't pull too late, you will get feet in the risers for not stopping the rotation. Slow is good, do your best to stop rotating once belly to earth, hug the beachball. Do a couple terminal front flips if you have the opportunity and practice 'stopping' before you start tracking away from the object. I've had my share of pulling too early or late instances. Not fun or recommended, but it will inevitably happen if you keep doing them.