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  1. This past weekend, a wedding. 4 years ago, a funeral (although I still like to remember it as a celebration of life). Shannon, I still play your song and you are always in my heart. The Bay Area crew - ya'll are awesome. Shannon was such an intricate part of my lasting friendships with many of you. I'm so grateful in so many ways. -Brittany _______________________
  2. brits17

    Skydive Moab

    I've will be attending the MOAB Skydiving Boogie for the 3rd year in a row this season - the staff is outstanding in customer service, safety and professionalism, plus how can you beat jumping into the most beautiful area in the US? Thanks Clint, Ben and the Moab crew for a great experience every time I visit. Highly recommended for first time and experienced skydivers.
  3. brits17


    High: Its 4/20. Low: I am working. _______________________
  4. Depends Derek... do you resemble a hot chick? Just kidding. I've found that most are more than willing to help. After all, knowledge is power and saves lives. _______________________
  5. I'd jump it until the repack is due again. As a rigger, his ethics should not hand you back the rig unless he's 100% sure its safe to jump. Let him know your concerns and it should be noted next time. _______________________
  6. Very cool Peter. Finally going back to the bridge this year where we did our last jump. I get teary just thinking about it. _______________________
  7. Hmm. Uh huh. You like the abusive type judging by your avatar _______________________
  8. :1:0 Dammit girl I miss ya'll! Sounds like the boogie was a good time... I will visit in a couple months. Take care of your crippled household. _______________________
  9. Aaaaw, Cheerio sends meowing healing vibes. She's sitting on the computer now. _______________________
  10. Its good times. I screamed more on that than any BASE jump into the canyon, thats for sure Come out and ride it for this year's GoFast Games in September. I'm sure your niece would love it and so would you
  11. What an awesome time. I'm still in recovery... so great to see old friends and new
  12. I just want to reassure you that YES indeed I will be back so you can put down the Gun and PULL when you step down off the roof. Fixed it for you
  13. Why let the fucktards control what you do? Post if you want, don't post if you want. But letting them push you to the point of what you say you can and cannot do is surrendering yourself. And you still posted after the first post in your thread Hope it works out for you. _______________________