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  1. Does anyone out there use a T3? Do you like it?
  2. Off-peak (Sunday-Thursday) @ Skyventure Colorado is $675 if you book 60 minutes. If it's just you, coaching is the best way to go... It's about $13/minute for 15 minute sessions. That's anytime - weekends too. (Coach rates do vary, so contact the coach for specific prices.) SVCO Coaches Give us a call @ 303.768.9000 if you have any other specific questions. -bill ~ Fear is the thief of dreams...
  3. SullyFlyer

    Terminal PC

    I use the 32V from Asylum. I like it a lot for terminal tracking jumps (say... 9 seconds+). But I use a 36V for my wingsuit jumps(2 ws jumps w/ the 32V but that's because I had to rip the ws off, grab my packed rig and jump on the heli for another load) I like the 32s because I don't want center cell distortion on opening (maybe it's a myth, but it's a myth that scares me). I use the 36 on the ws jumps to avoid any burble issues; like orbits or hesitations. I also use a 12ft bridle on ws jumps, for the same reason. Hope this helps. (I only have like 50-60 terminal jumps, mostly ws) Be Safe. -Bill
  4. SullyFlyer

    The Blondie

    That's terrible to hear. I hope she heals fast. Please keep her in good spirits. I'll be thinking of you guys. Be Safe -Bill
  5. [Jedi mind trick] This is not the sport you're looking for [/Jedi mind trick]
  6. An amazing trip Organized to perfection; you guys are on your shit. No one got hurt, that's probably important. Just a great group of jumpers to hang out with for a week. At an awesome canyon. Here's to big-canyon BASE. See ya -Bill
  7. No, thanks for catching me on that one, I meant 5 lines. Sorry. ~ Fear is the thief of dreams...
  8. BJ 260 = 350 jumps 4 control lines inner setting Ace 260 = 250 jumps 4 control lines not inner setting Neither one has any ZP on it. (The inner control line connection point was moved 1/2 a cell out maybe 2 years ago by Adam and Marty. Correct me if I'm wrong about this.) My BJ is the old style, my Ace is the new style. I can feel the difference in flaring now, but couldn't for my first 200 jumps. So I don't think there is much difference. I think the change was made to appease terminal jumpers that complained off line-twist on opening. These are the only 2 canopies I've jumped except maybe 10 jumps on my new Troll DW MDV 245 (PIA 260) the Troll flares nicer, but the others are getting a bit ragged out... not a fair comparison there. Hope this helps. PM me for any specifics. See ya -Bill ~ Fear is the thief of dreams...
  9. Survived your first jump AND your first Tequila Stunt-man Nice work, mate. Hope to see you down here some more this summer. Be Safe -Bill ~ Fear is the thief of dreams...
  10. This is funny. I stopped counting my jumps when I had 595. At least 200 of those were unpacked. And, here's the kicker, I have never jumped off of a building. So, there are probably lots of people who would say that I am not a BASE jumper, or a real BASE jumper, or an astronaut. (Actually, that last one is true) But who gives a flying, falling, or jumping fuck. My roommate once looked at me and my girlfriend on the couch and said, "fffaaagggsss". It didn't faze me, because it made no sense. Just like it makes no sense for him to say my unpacked jumps don't count as BASE jumps. I stopped counting my jumps, so even if I every do jump a building, it won't count as a BASE jump either. So I guess if it matters what other people call you when you are or aren't around, then by all means do an unpacked gainer off of a 150ft building over nasty, pointy, sharp rebar. If you survive, I'm sure your "friends" will all visit you in the hospital to tell you what a bad-ass you were. Me, I'll just continue to be a soul flyer (yes, I know that phrase is taken - and by a much more talented jumper than me). I'm not saying I haven't done stupid stuff, because I have. But I hope I was doing it for myself and not so I could get a sound bite at a party. Be Safe (or don't) -Bill Sticks and stones will brake your bones, but the fall... the fall will fucking kill you. ~ Fear is the thief of dreams...
  11. What's up Per? The name Game Over came from a guy named Surfer Jesse from San Diego. He was at a loss for words having watched me and Evil Jesse try this new type of jump for the last 2 days. It was this past summer. He just blurted it out, and it stuck. Game Over = Simply an unpacked gainer The idea came from the way I carry my unpacked canopy out onto the bridge. I kinda wrap it up in my arms. One day I just felt like I could bring it all the way around - it took about 6 months after that to work up the stupidity to do it. I don't think I'll ever do it again. It was one of those things... You don't do it for any good reason, you just think you can get away with it once and you have at it.
  12. Yeah, I made a bunch of ws jumps out there last year. It was awesome to ws in to the little airstrip down south (just outside Canyon Lands NP). Super scenic. I'm totally up for wingsuiting into any LZ you got down there. A truely stellar boogie you put on down there. Keep up the great work you guys. See ya -Bill
  13. On my wingsuit BASE jumps I jump with Morpgeous Tech.s Bridle Storage Pouch I believe it was designed to prevent this very thing. I like the piece of mind it gives while pitching at 300 ft above the trees going 90 mph. I have that fraction of a seconds hesitation while the 36 inch vented ZP PC pulls the 12 foot bridle to extension, thinking: "this is it, this is what death looks like". The whole time knowing I've done everything I could to prevent a complication that will cause me to leave this world in a gooy broken mess (albeit contained in a neet easy-to-clean-up package reading "Pheonix Fly") Shit I miss tall objects, it's been too long. I feel like I need to go kneel at the base of a tall cliff and confess my sins "Bless me mother for I have sinned, it's been 3 months since my last WS BASE Jump." You know what they say, "Work sucks, but it pays for trips to Norway But that's on BASE jumps, on skydives I huck the hacky out at 2k and hope for the best (who gives a shit, you got another one.)
  14. I have about 250 pack jobs on my BJ 260 and maybe 150 on my Ace 260, and I don't see any notable difference in pack volume. (No ZP on either canopy) The BJ might be the tiniest bit bigger, but not enough to change the size of a container. They are interchangable. I've switch containers with them and not changed closing loop lengths. Hope this helps. -Bill ~ Fear is the thief of dreams...