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  1. 460

    Introducing The Squirrel Snatch BASE Pilot Chute

    Is this any better than the vented Toxic pilot chute?
  2. 460

    FYI: Driving to Bridge Day

    Let's do a cost-benefit analysis here: What is fee if caught fleeing from the police? Imagine the triple wammy: driving drunk while driving 20 mph over the speed limit without any insurance.
  3. 460

    Douggs and Dans Court Case...

    sounds like hunter thompson fun!
  4. party on. it's not rocket science.
  5. 460

    4 in less than 3 months

    Yeah no kidding man. What's the timeline breakdown of deaths as a function of country of jumper origin? Aussie's, Americans, Russians, Northwest Europeans, Britons? RIP to those fellow fliers.
  6. 460

    Magot Rollover Mishap !

    Get well Mr. Jerry P! Hope everything turns out OK.
  7. 460

    Cayman Islands Lee

    PM sent.
  8. 460

    NEW DIY from despair.com

    BASE jumping is such a funny thing. It's an inherently stupid thing to do but it requires a lot of intelligence to do it with any safety. It's a strange mixture of stupidity and genius.
  9. 460

    A rig with a cutaway system

    use a quick draw system to clip in... i've done that before when my canopy dumped on my rig while on a tower. i attach one carabeener to my chest strap and the other to a part of the tower. it can save your life.
  10. 460

    City of New York vs Jeb Corliss....

    OJ Simpson is the greatest illuminator of the obvious with our legal system. Enough money and anything is solved! Congrats Jeb!!!
  11. 460

    Dan Osman?

    Frank Gambalie. RIP. Dan took a cell phone with the call connected to Frank when Dan died.
  12. 460

    Merry Christmas From Feral

    what's his address?
  13. 460

    smallest round to land into water?

    NASA is currently hiring parachute designers etc for their next generation manned spacecraft, ie an Apollo-like craft with a parachute recovery system.
  14. 460


    what is FS? freestyle?