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  1. Yeah ditto. This really sucks! I didn't know Harry all that well but I've certainly seen him around quite a bit and done a few jumps with him in my years at Perris. One thing I noticed about Harry was there was always a very calm and laid back tone to him. Go easy bro. JP
  2. Ahh dude. Sorry to hear about your son. That really sucks. No other words to say man.
  3. Yeah I fly a 149 at the same wing loading (1.4 or so) and I have experienced the same type of short and snappy arc. If I wanted to lay into the riser for longer, it would be extremely difficult because of the pressure. And yes I do experience that bit of altitude under certain conditions, but not always.
  4. * There are snags galore on these Dainese units. I always wear a long-sleeved top over the entire thing. I've seen jumpers use these without anything over them and thay look like snag-city, particularly when going HH. Also make sure the bottom of the back-protector is tucked into your pants and not exposed as a bridle caught under here via a lazy pitch or aerial will likely not release in anytime soon. ---------------------------------------------------------- Damn good advice here! I have jumped a Dainese sans over shirt etc. and I will certainly take these steps the next time I use it. Cheers, JP
  5. Yeah I've read others on here asking similar Q's before. I would tell to search the forum, but that's a pain in the ass. Yes. I believe several other people over the years have tried to use the FAA loopholes for jumping in places like the big valley. But it doesn't pencil. Problem is that in BASE your feet leave the ground or structure, not an aircraft. The parachute itself falls under FAA regs, but is not used involuntarily for the most part. The person flying it chose to fly it there. . . .by and large. (Unless bailing out of a disable aircraft) That's why you get arrested NP's when BASEing. I think the FAA loophole you are referring to would only work if you just so happened to be using your parachute in an area outside of NPS land, and at some point drifted by accident. Then I think it would be hard for to press charges. Cheers, JP
  6. Dude that sucks. I really enjoy watching this guy fly. Condolences, JP
  7. Yeah that's true. Perhaps I should edit that to say buildings that can be done at night.
  8. we are talking possibility, not probability... we all understand the difference correct? ----------------------------------------------------------- Yes I understand the difference. Nevertheless this is an added consideration for any daytime object where an unknowing, innocent bystander could be jeopardized. . . . .we can all only imagine the negative press it would generate. So for the good of the sport everyone needs to be very mindful of this possibility and the potential consequences. It kinda raises the question whether or not high profile, daytime B's like ESB are really good for the sport? Perhaps it's better for everyone to stick to the old classics that can be easily done at night. Be safe. JP
  9. I don't know what you're referring to. Can you elaborate? Cheers, JP
  10. WE don't risk others, PERIOD! We risk ourselves and that is our choice. It's not about suicide, it's not about a roll of the dice. Everyone one of us do it to live, not to die. What logic deems it to be illegal??? --------------------------------------------------------- For the most part I agree with you. On most objects this is the case. But I have to disagree with you when it comes to a building during rush hour. Although unlikely, if he were to have a mal or strike he could endanger an innocent person walking down the street. Again unlikely but possible. And I can assure you that if something like that ever does happen things are going to get a whole lot hotter. . . . .I hope it never does. Be safe out there. JP
  11. There's a Dainese store in Costa Mesa (Newport Beach area), CA. . . . . .tons of options to chose from there. Cheers, JP
  12. Bigwallmaster


    Yeah there's definately some cool E's to be had up that way. I've only seen them on climbing trips; haven't jumped up there before. The Ruth might have some exit points to offer, but it'll be an adventure finding them and safely approaching them. The stuff I've seen would be slider down. I haven't come across anything terminal. I would suggest you have well rounded glacier travel and winter camping skills, as well as good map and compass/GPS skills before venturing out. If you're really curious about the area I know a few pilots up there that would be willing to give you a heli bump into some cool areas just to survey what's out there. Cheers, JP
  13. God damn that's funny. . . . Cheers, JP
  14. Well I think we'll all agree that it's definately not legal on NPS land correct?
  15. Cool dude. Definately see you up there. We also would like to ski the Messner, conditions permitting. Cheers, JP