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  1. ok so I am a little new to the jumping world. but I do love Belly stuff and 4-ways. My question is I have a bunch of cool patches like alitmaster and go fast and stuff. should I sow them onto my jumpsuit or is that lame? I do like the way some of the pros and jumpers have patches and I want them, but i didnt know if its only for sposored people. lemme know what you think! -jeff- Example is the picture with that guy
  2. I go to school At Culver Military Academy in Northern Indiana. I jsut go to Goshen or skydive chicago. But greensburg I here is a blast. See you around next year most likely. I am headed to Ohio University next year and will be jumping with Purdue Kids as well as IU kids next year -jeff-
  3. I am almost positive there was no tricks to this. Greg Gasson I believe is his name and On Good Stuff the DVD I am sure he does not have anything
  4. I agree with under armor. But I must say the best is that british man known for his streaking! anyone know his name?
  5. Your dog sounds adorable I miss mine so much I am away at school so I cant see him, but those visions of the pillow are very cool!
  6. I was 17 both Virgins lasted 45 min then...she faked an orgasm when I came.
  7. I am on the list too! I am most likely going! see ya all there!
  8. OK so.....I had the option the other day buy a Porn or buy a Jumping Film. If there was a rainy day and your sex buddy was gone and there was no jumping, which would you throw in the DVD player?
  9. This Lady is nuts and she needs a Bullet Agreed! pro War or not support our troops and Bush
  11. For me it was either Skydiving or a Yamaha R-6. I picked skydiving. think it was a good choice?
  12. is anyone going to Skydive New England this April 1st for saftey day? blue skies
  13. No Green Card No Visa GET THE HELL OUT! I am sick and tierd of people coming here, Not paying taxes and making us pay for the roads they drive on and the Military protecting them.
  14. Its beautiful weather I here there in NH. Hope you guys get some great progress this weekend!
  15. is the Otter going up every day.. or jsut on the Weekends in March? Also will u guys be having water training at all? I need my B before I go to Sky Fest