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  1. Yea, I got the exact same message from this guy for a canopy that im selling.
  2. Mantas are pure F-111. Theyre a 9 cell canopy that open fast and have a mediocre flare. I would recommend a sabre2 over the manta. Edit: I stand corrected, I wasnt aware there was a ZP version. Im talking about the F-111 version. I have no experience with the ZP model.
  3. Does anyone know of a DZ thats operating a 100 or 200 series Twin Otter with its original engines i.e the PT6-20? Id like to get in touch with a few operational questions. Thanks.
  4. Does anyone know why the otter doesnt have wing tanks?
  5. Can someone please explain what situation the new bungee loop/bridle bight set-up is designed for. I'm by no means an expert on these kinds of things, but it looks like it might cause some problems of its own.
  6. he didnt say that he tracked up the jump run he said that he tracked off it, which I read as meaning perpendicular to.
  7. If a packer doesnt notice that the jumper forgot to set his brakes, he shouldnt be packing. The same goes for the packer who doesnt check that the pilot chute is excuse for that at all!
  8. That's great thanks..exactly the kind of advice I was hoping for!
  9. My girlfriend and I have been working on learning the FF dive pool but there's 1 point in particular that is kid of hard to do smoothly. How do you put 2 hands in front of you in a head up position? I thought maybe it had something to do with going onto the knees, but watching videos it looks like you can do it and maintain a sit. Any help is much appreciated!
  10. I think being a pilot helps with canopy accuracy as a student for sure. On my first jump I landed right where I wanted to and broke my leg in 2 places. I flared way too late, landed with one foot in front of the other instead of tight together and went over on my ankle. In a plane, I'm used to getting a response as soon as I manipulate the controls and was expecting the canopy to react much faster than it did. I hit the ground with the toggles just below my shoulders. There was no wind so with the approach speed I had, I was expecting to have to run off the landing. Bottom line is that I didn't do what I was told in training. I don't think I'd have broken myself if I wasn't a pilot.
  11. Its Nicks canopy Sam. Before too much doubt spreads, heres a picture of me underneath it. Recognise me? Anyway, hows it going and when are you coming up next? Its been months.
  12. The key to this I think is that in a gust, the canopy is affected more than the suspended mass beneath it. When a gust of wind hits you, the canopy is blown over to the side whilst you are not affected nearly as much. This imbalance is what causes the downwind turn. In a block of air that's moving at the same velocity throughout, a well trimmed canopy will maintain heading regardless of wind direction.