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  1. Agreed. I'm in Edison Park up by touhy, which puts me about 5-10 minutes away.... to say I'm excited is an understatement
  2. Looks like more info is finally coming out about the tunnel going up near Chicago......... http://www.dailyherald.com/article/20130519/news/705199840/
  3. Any idea on approximate time frame for breaking ground?
  4. Any rumors on a tunnel happening in the Chicagoland area? Heard lots of stuff over the years, just wondering if anyone has heard anything new?
  5. A1CSpooky


    I have put approximately 30 jumps on my pulse and It is everything that was advertised. I did not find it to lose flare power on the back end. The short snivel gets you under a flyable canopy in no time with out slamming you. Having only flown a Sabre 2 before this I would say it is comparable.
  6. I heard Gary Coleman died of a brain hemmorhage. Is that Diff'rent than a Stroke?
  7. A1CSpooky


  8. Sanding the main mast Badgering the witness Badering the witness!! lol.... I'll have to remember that one. Let's see I've got His: Firing off some knuckle children Beating the meat Pounding the porpose playing the skin flute Her: Three knuckle shuffle
  9. Also, Does anyone know of any Tunnel's in the BWI/DCA area? I'm flying in for the weekend and wouldn't mind getting some more tunnel time if there was one close. I know that being in Chicago there is really not one anywhere close in the Midwest. Spooky
  10. Just had my first tunnel experience this weekend at SVO. I can't speak to the politics or even the instructors as I am very green. I will say that being in a VWT has gotten me hooked. I wanted to get time in before the thaw sets in up here in Chicago. So, I don't look like a complete idiot when I start AFF. Now I'm looking for a coach for tunnel time. I can travel just about anywhere because I work for an Airline and just non-rev out when I want. It seems like a lot of kool people in XP anyone want to let me in on where that is and a good coach to contact. Spooky (Will)
  11. QuoteHey! So, I tore my right knee ACL and medial meniscus back in december. I am scheduled for surgery Feb. 15th (the day after my birthday). My doctor is a sports medicine doctor and he is going to do a hamstring graft to replace my ACL and leave the meniscus alone. He says the meniscus is such a small tear that it will heal itself. So, I'm totally not looking forward to the surgery. I was hoping to get some feedback from people who have had the same surgery and what to expect as far as time off work, therapy, pain, time until i can run, skydive, snowboard, hike again, etc, etc. I'm sure I will think of more questions to post about it as the day progresses. I've had the medial meniscus tear twice. The only difference is that I had mine repaired both times. I had what they called a "bucket tear" so it was either remove it or repair it. It's been repair'd twice and it is torn again. My doc didn't want to remove it, and have me deal with arthrittis early. As far as recovery I had about 3 months before I was cleared to run as well, I also started sking at 3 months with a brace. As the rest have said as long as you stick to PT and keep those Hydrocodone's flowing you should be fine. I also had a pain pump. It injected meds straight into the knee; really good shit! Spooky
  12. Thanks Sandy, My next question for you is: How much beer do I have to bring and when will i be expected to pass it out. Second question: What are the occassions that you usually end up buying everybody at the DZ a beer? I've read that people accidentaly making a downwind landing are the ones to watch for...lol. Will
  13. The FBO couch? Hahaha... close! A moving glass, electronic, box! Right now I'm a sim instructor. I hate to say retired, unfortunately I have to say I have been temporarily moved to instructing pending the outcome of some issues with my medical. Rahter a sore story.... Yeah can't say much about the V-tail except only heard about them in stories. Got my liscenses at University of Illinois moved from archers, to arrow's, to Seminoles, don't have much experience around the real creme of the GA world. I guess I can't really complain all of the aircraft I learned on were no older then '96, so I can't complain, and the seminoles were brand spanking new, compared to the beechcraft that they had just gotten rid of. I will say I don't miss being out in Champaign, Illinois weather in the middle of January with a spray bottle of Alcohol and a hand squeege...lol