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  1. I am sure it would not be a problem at this time of year getting Perris to use one of their otters to come get you. If you were willing to pay for the aircraft time, fuel, pilot, handling fees at LAX etc. Would be 000's of $ but expect they would be happy to do it.
  2. Great DZ thats always got lifts going up when the weathers good. Open midweek too which is a bonus!
  3. OK a bit of a strange thread but it scares me a little to think that this guy is actually flying jumpers in the US. If any of you know who this guy is please try to talk some sense into him as he will end up killing someone. Obviously I am talking about the guy who thinks it is OK to stall a plane with someone hanging on the outside. SNS3Guppy From his posts I assume he is just some wannabe who pretends to be a pilot on the forum but decided to bring it to your attention as if he really is stalling a plane with jumpers on the outside and thinks its all good fun someone needs to have a talk with him. I know the keys out of the ignition is an old story but does that really ever happen, I mean has anyone actually seen this sort of utter stupidity?
  4. Do you have an email address for the dz borodyanka one as the one listed on is not working and the website is not in english. Thanks.
  5. Will be in Kiev later this month with my girlfriend and was wondering where is a good place for her to do a tandem and for me to do a few fun jumps?
  6. The guy who made this canopy has posted on this thread saying that it is identical to a Nitro with a couple of mods such as the pattern on the top and bottom skin. I am not the one saying this, it's the guy who designed and made the thing. Can you read? The reason it did not go into production is because the pack volume is big, again posted by the guy who made it. If you scroll up you can read his post and then I wont have to repeat it all. It will fly the same as a Nitro as it is the same canopy. That means that the canopy behaves the same as a Nitro. If it is a Nitro don't you think that means a review of a Nitro would also apply to the flight characteristics of this because it is the same canopy design made by the same company? The changes were not aerodynamic ones. Instead of just continuing to say this is bogus and not legit please explain why. You don't have to mindlesly post on every thread. Maybe it would be better to just post on subjects that you actually know something about.
  7. Bogus? If it was bogus surely the guy who posted earlier on this thread would know as he owned the company that made that canopy! HiperUSA. I am sure someone else who has a connection with the company will read this thread as it about a canopy they never released but did make. Why on forums do some people who know absolutely nothing about what the topic is about think they have some useful information to pass on. This IS a Nitro2. It was made by HiperUSA. If you have any questions please ask.;search_string=nitro2;#1035689 The above link is to a thread where the guy who I bought this canopy from is saying he has just ordered a Nitro2 from the manufacturer. That is the canopy that is now for sale. You will also be able to see that that same person is the one who posted a picture of the canopy on this thread. It is not bogus! The only way it could possible be bogus is if this is a scam 3 years in the making in which we have paid off all employees of HiperUSA to keep quite.
  8. This canopy is now for sale on ebay.
  9. No I am not saying that. I am saying that to think you have enough experience to tell if one is good or bad is very shakey if all you do is jump. Its like the jump pilot who has never jumped thinking he can tell who is a dangerous jumper. Yes he probably knows more than your average non jumper but probably not enough to be able to comment without researching it first by talking to someone who has lots of experience as a jumper and knows that dangerous jumper in particular.
  10. Just short of 3000, mostly flying jumpers in single pistons, single turbines and twin turbines. A few hundred instructing and most recently low (250ft) and high (16K) level survey work for oil companies and governments. I may have a few hours but like anything it dosen't mean I am any good or know what I am talking about. Can you tell me why it is bad for the stall horn to be going off during the climb as you said earlier that it is the sign of a bad pilot. As you jump in Colorado or cal city I guess it can be bumpy sometimes and I bet the density alt is quite high. What do you think? Should I tell you what makes a good rigger. I have packed a few so I guess my opinion is valid. So when you said earlier about positive and negative g being a no no what speed are we talking when this happens, let me guess you have no idea what difference speed makes to it. Or the sort of oil/fuel pumps or pretty much anything at all. Don't mean to be rude but I wouldn't dream of commenting on rigging issues that I didn't know anything about even though I have seen lots of riggers at work. As you are a senior rigger I guess you can understand my point. Just thought I should add that there is nothing wrong with asking why something is the way it is or why or how or anything like that as it is you in the plane. Also nothing wrong with asking someone who knows about something if what you were told is correct. Also nothing wrong with bringing your concerns to someone who can do something about a bad pilot if after research you know something is wrong. It is a safety thing so very important if a pilot dosent know what they are doing they shouldn't do it anymore. It is just this thread has lots of views that are wrong and this is not the way to find out if your pilot is good or not. If you dont know anything about flying you cannot tell if a pilot is good or not unless you talk to someone who does.(edit: and that probably wont help as it can be very hard to tell) An example of this is when I was flying a caravan and an instructor with over 13,000 jumps had a go at me for being crap because in a 25kt cross wind after take off the plane yawed after I released the pressure from the rudder. The other pilot didn't use the rudder to correct properly so they never felt the yaw before. I was new so I was the crap pilot.
  11. What a load of bollox this thread is. Some people have got the right idea. It is mainly like the newly qualified jumper telling the new student what to do and I know how much that pisses off the people who actually know what is what. First point that is raised over and over is the stall warning going off. In a heavily loaded plane (almost every jump plane) it will go off whenever there is turbulence, this is normal and if the plane is being flown at the beast rate of climb it will happen. The higher you go the more likely this is going to be as the speed for best rate reduces. If you dont like the sound wear ear plugs. If it is going off constantly in smooth air then it is either calibrated wrong or you are flying too slow. It is not dangerous for the horn to go off, it is an indication just like every other instrument. Second one although only raised once I think just goes to show how much crap is being posted. One guy said that a good pilot lands without power every time. What the hell is that meant to mean?? Please explain as I have no idea what you are talking about. Why not start a thread for people with less than 10 jumps to talk to students about how to skydive. It is very hard too tell who a good pilot is unless they have had to prove themselves in a really crappy situation, not necisarily landing in a field after their engine has quit as to me that demonstrates the ability to be a pilot not necisarily a good one. Almost like saying a good jumper is one who can have a mal and live. Also saying a pilot who can have an engine failure at 200ft and bring it down safetly is a bit out there. I have flown jumpers at a place where if that happened the only option would be to put it down in the 70-80ft high trees in the forest. If you don't know anything about flying (riding in a plane every weeked dosen't count) you probably shouldn't post as you dont know anything about flying.
  12. Thanks for the info. I just thought that knowing a bit of history behind a canopy that I couldn't find anything about would be nice. It does pack big but as the container I put it in was made for a 150 it fits nicely, maybe even slightly bigger than the 150 in it beforehand (spectre). Awesome canopy. Only jumped it twice but really like it.
  13. Hi I recently bought a second hand Nitro2 135. I was concerned about how easy it would be to get a lineset for it in the future so contacted the Nitro manufacturer in the US. I discovered that the canopy I had was thought to not be in circulation although it was made and has a few mods over the Nitro at the time (04). I beleive because the designer of the Nitro (a guy called Pascal) stoped making them in Europe and the US Hiper took over but decided to not sell or produce the Nitro2. I guess the one I have was sent out during a very small window of time when it had been made but the business was changing. Does anyone know of any Nitro2 canopys out there being jumped or is mine the only one? edit to say: not sure if it was designed by a guy called pascal just told that they thought he hadnt sold any so assume he was also designer.