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  1. I just meant regular public transportation. I don't wanna get lost lol. But any shuttle company that you may know of or someone that commutes would be fine! Renting a car would cost me too much as I am just under 25 and they would charge me extras. And i'll be In Cali for 11 days. The bill could go up fearly quick with a rental! Thanks for the reply!
  2. Hi guys! I was just wondering if any of you knew a good "cheap" reliable way to get to Skydive Perris from LAX? Public transportation is out of the subject as I will be carrying too much stuff with me. Thanks in advance
  3. I'm pretty disappointed with Recon. I pre-ordered my goggles before the end of november and therefore i was supposed to get the damn thing before the end of december...then was pushed to January. But that's not the worst, now everyone seems to be getting their goggles lately but not me. Instead i got an email from Recon saying that they just realized that when i pre-ordered the Flight HUD they somehow didn't charge me tax causing a delay in the shipment of the package for an additional 2 weeks!!!! What's the point of pre-ordering as soon as the project started if their not even paying attention to the details. They had well over 3 months to catch on to this mistake..... Not impressed!
  4. I'm gonna be there from February 20th untill the 2nd of march! It's all good though, I got in touch with Skydive Perris and I made my reservation! Thanks to all of you, I appreciate the help
  5. Thank you I appreciate the reply! Good to know that I won't have to stumble around on a long distance!
  6. Thanks for the quick reply! I will make sure to get in touch with them!
  7. Hi everyone! I'm gonna be heading to Perris next month and i was hoping that someone could point me in the right direction! I'm gonna be staying for ten days and i'm hoping to average a good 6-7 jumps a day, wich means i'm gonna be spending a good chunk of money on skydiving alone. So i would like to save some money on the other things like; -motel/hotel/house rental -transportation from LAX and to the DZ every morning and evening -booze So if any of you guys know the answers to these questions, please feel free to share them with me :) Thanks a million
  8. If there's a "garbage" or "hop and pop" on the plane. Everyone just scream and yell; "No no NO NOT YET NOOOOOOO!!!" As the guy jumps out. Usually puts a priceless look on the first time jumper's face while he's waiting to get to the right altitude.
  9. You can contact Karl Meyer ([email protected]) - the events coordinator at Skydive Arizona - and he can help you get in touch with the right Canadians for more info. Be the canopy pilot you want that other guy to be . Thanks I will
  10. Hi there! Anyone on here located in the california and/or arizona area.member of the CSPA? I'm gonna be flying back and forth between alberta (Canada) and The United States this winter and I'll need people willing to jump with me in order to get my B licence. But apparently they need to be members of the Canadian Sport Parachuting Association to be able to sign my logbook. Only for the prerequisites. I'm looking forward to hearing from you guys! Thanks
  11. npng

    Vegas Extreme Skydiving

    I don't know why people are bitchin' about this place, but I loved it. It was my first time and everything seemed fine to me. They picked us up at mgm grand main entrance. The staff was great and I can tell you that everyone of us that jumped that same day liked it. So I don't know what may have changed since 2008 ( most of the comments are from 08) but it was great and I'm planning on doing it again. Thank you to all the staff of Vegas Extreme Skydiving!