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    So it's OK to bail out multi-millionaire investors from bad decisions, but forgiving a student loan is socialism that will destroy the country. "Where you stand depends upon where you sit"; Miles' Law.
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    That's literally you. The US is a democracy. It is a perfect fit for both the definition of a democracy and for the popular understanding of the word. The US Government source you quoted explaining that the US is a particular type of democracy does not make it not a democracy. You are pushing a semantic argument that is both pedantic and wrong.
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    In most national parks there are serious fines for feeding wildlife. Those laws are intended to prevent wildlife from associating food with people. Thus endangering both. Should there not be an internet forum law. Prohibiting the feeding of trolls. Who would become accustomed to engagement. When trolls should rightly stick to the deep warrens where their kin and ideas inhabit?
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    For the poorly educated here: Types of democracy
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    My understanding is that in this case, if things work as they should, nobody will be funding the government's efforts long term. SVB put most of money in long term bonds. The money is still in those long term bonds. The money needed to pay investors is not available until those investments mature. The government is essentially making the bank's investors a loan to get their money now and the government will repay the loans by collecting on the bond investments when they mature. They need to do this because if the bank cashed the investments in before they mature, the amount of losses due to penalties and fees will cost so much that there would not be enough left to give the bank's investors their money back.
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    Lame excuses for Trumpism don't become you. Bail out the wealthy, but not people struggling to pay off student loans. In fact, make it almost impossible even to go bankrupt due to student loan problems, while people like your hero can bankrupt a casino.
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    Im not sure I agree with this. If you have money you know is uninsured, then it’s uninsured. Kind of like the second or third time ou rebuild your house after it floods. Wendy P.
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    Troll King appears to be back: but "You've chosen to ignore content by Slim King."
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    Stock is up almost 6,000% all time. Sounds like being woke is good for business.
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    I know the site went through an upgrade recently, but it would be nice if we had multiple options for 'liking' a post. The 'laugh' emoji would come in handy for the trolls.
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    I had a former Portland Agent check the Washougal pages out - here are his comments: OK, here’s what I get from the attached documents: They are all teletypes – because they require immediate investigation on a priority matter. Notice that they are informational, but are not detailed information or direct quotes from the source, so they are not 302’s. A 302 will have the form number on it, with a space at the bottom that will have the initials of the person who typed it, and the Agent who dictated it. Depending on the Agent, many of us would identify ourselves in the first paragraph so that the reader, (US Atty, court etc.) would know who was writing it. A 302 will only pertain to information observed by the Agent, or the results of an interview. That restriction makes them suitable to be introduced into court as evidence. They will not contain directions or leads for another office/location. A cover letter, similar to the teletypes would be sent with the 302. The first teletype (attachment) is from Portland to Seattle and to Cleveland. It’s basic purpose is to find out who these CB guys are. So Seattle is directed to go to the sawmill at Auburn and find out who is bringing in 20 loads from the Washougal area. Cleveland is directed to contact the owner of the radio call letters who lives in Ohio. Cleveland responds back by teletype and basically says the CB guy doesn’t know what the hell they are talking about because he hasn’t even been to Montana since the distant past. One must conclude that the original source overheard the call letters incorrectly, or that the person being overheard fraudulently used the letters of someone else to avoid paying the license fee. Your attachments didn’t contain the results or reply from Seattle. If Seattle obtained additional information, they would write another message to the Agents serving Washougal ( The Vancouver WA resident agency), and direct them to interview the log truck driver. Portland would probably not even be given a copy of that communication unless there was more required in Portland. The way the communication system was set up, they tried to avoid excess paper and communications to file. If it didn’t concern an outside office or require additional work there, they weren’t included. This is typical of the frustrating dead ends, and ultimately useless effort that goes in to major investigations. You open a can of worms, and what crawls out isn’t even worms. So you have to clear the air of the static and focus only on your original intent or you get lost and overwhelmed with irrelevant information. I’m confident that issue was resolved, but the result would most likely be confined to the Seattle Office, possibly with copies to FBIHQ in Wash D.C. By the way, the initials at the bottom of the page of the T Types would be the supervisor who signed out the teletype. At that time, all priority matters, because they were suppose to require the receiving agents to drop everything and cover the lead immediately, had to be approved by a squad supervisor. I hope this clears up some of the questions. Regards,
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    To the Awake, for those who saw the Covid pandemic and our responses as nothing more that an exercise in our civil liberty.For the individuals ridiculed as anti vaxer conspirators and as such, the cause of our pain and plague.For those who lost their jobs, pressured or rejected by friends and family, this is for you.For those who were stripped of religious liberty and exemption. For those that have a direct responsibility to a child and don't see the risk benefit equation, the overlords would like. To the few that saw the cowardice of our society,in sacrificing our children's wellbeing, for the sake of others perceived safety. Lelo, Claudia this is for you and yours. It has been said,"that not one of us, has regretted, not getting the Vax." https://www.floridahealth.gov/newsroom/2023/02/20230215-updated-health-alert.pr.html
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    I have to admit this linear form of communication is difficult, my previous statements, bullet points like "woke is cowardice" can get construed to a grammar issue,anywho. Thank you for the FFJ,lookie, while the subject was about dignity and standards, I think you missed the point.Your dignity wasn't the point,but that of her/they. Since you admittedly don't watch videos,you missed the distress and pure terror in their eyes,like it was a first skydive, not something you've been doing for years. A group of six year olds skating around falling down slipping on their butts, would have been a better showcase of diversity in talent, as your recital did. Would you feel the same, if you were told to play a solo that you were only able of screwing up.. for everyone to hear. I'll Agree with you. Self abasement or humiliation can be a character builder and I enjoy it at times too,but this didn't smell like that. "Dignity is overrated, frankly." I would expect that from Brent, LOL Please be careful in other conversations, that might get you in trouble like Denise Young Smith did with the thought police.The sad part for such a strong woman is of course, the agonizing apologies for being truthful and honest. Walk it back, confess your sins, the evil of your ways, the bigotry and blasphemy.Tell everyone what a cowardice piece of shit you are, because we own you, agency and all. This is "The correct handling of contradiction among the People" LOL She said what she said and meant it, because it's a simple American value, ideal, and truth. Not Big Brothers truth of course, not Apples truth, not the Woke truth, but the truth nonetheless... so they made her pay. Like a cult, Apple is a two step innovator, first a new religion must be invented, second social acceptance must be gained,then their ends, will justify their means. The lighter side, Brought to you by a woke subsidy and The National Endowment for the Arts.. LOL Can you find Waldo? LOL
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    And Florida is last in math?!?!?!?!?
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    When tax cuts are given out to wealthy Americans, do politicians worry that those people will waste the money? Or do they just let the free market decide how the money will be spent.
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    Bill's right. By Gustav in 2008; it was changed to a debit card. I would say a greater % used the debit card this time for food. But, there was still a large number of TV's purchased. We set up cooling | relaxation | neighborhood stations at each of the Social Service offices in Louisiana. Things went MUCH better than Katrina. Plus they were at a state facility for additional needs. Some asked to get clean and sober and they were helped. Agree 100% Less than you would think. Done many Veterans "Stand Downs." The first two were very demoralizing. The first was 170 veterans. We had gathered book bags, filled them with essentials, had social services there for those that were not vets, vets went to the line fed, showers, vet rep to get housing, to get housing you had to enter a clean and sober programs and submit to regular tests, etc. One out of the 170 stayed in the program. The VA modified the program. 3 out of the 100+ the second time. Last December, did one. I'd say it was the best one yet. Filled the parking lot with vets to support the mission. The only thing we did was hand out toilet paper, undies, socks, etc. and we talked to them. Not about clean and sober. What branch, what MOS, when did you get out. What have you been doing, etc. Vet shit over lunch. The next month, more approached the VA than in past years. The difference. Nobody was trying to save them. Big difference.
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    More beer cigarettes and tattoos for people in need.
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    Poland is anxious to give their MIG-29's to Ukraine. They have something like 44 with 30 flying. They are planning on replacing them with F-35's. Poland is a long time NATO partner. I see no downside to putting 30 F-16's flown by Americans in Poland to facilitate the transfer. That would be the fastest way to give Ukraine air power, seems to me.
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    Some news has come out that may explain why Russia claims to have destroyed more HIMARS systems than the US actually sent: AP: Inflatable tanks, missiles: Czech firm makes decoy armaments
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    Ssshhhh, don't piss him off. He brought presents this time.
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    Or Prader-scale corrections, like repair of hypospadias? Or circumcisions? If people who make permanent changes to an older child based on the child's desires are felons, people who mutilate an infant's genitals based on their own extremist religious beliefs would surely garner an even worse penalty. This brings up a practical problem, though. Since about half of male infants in the US are now circumcised, where do we put the prisons for those ~120 million people?
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