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  1. When a tandem student walks in and you realize you are their grandparents age.
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    You have not been vaccinated, I am sorry, the beds and waiting room are full. Please wait in your car and we will come get you when there is room. Here is a free air freshener for your car.
  3. Teaching accurate history is good but not if the opinion of the teacher is included.
  4. No, most politicians' speeches are written by someone else, but history credits the speaker with the quote.
  5. He read the quote but I doubt he wrote it.
  6. It is no better than sticking with the 6 day and one day of rest formula in the end. If you look at the calendar, Sunday is the first day of the week so God took a day off before he did anything. It looks like to me he belonged to a union.
  7. Vice President Spiro Agnew and Vice President Kamala Harris Approval ratings. Their numbers change from day to day and Agnew's ratings were before the criminal investigation and his resignation. I still find the numbers interesting. Gallup found mixed opinions about Agnew among the American public. In a poll conducted in May 1970, as the nation was reeling from the Kent State massacre -- an event Agnew described as "murder" -- Gallup found 49% of Americans approved of Agnew, while 32% disapproved. As of Dec. 14, 41% of registered voters had a favorable opinion of Harris and 52% had an unfavorable opinion — a net rating of -11 percentage points, according to a Times average.
  8. Bring back drive in movie theaters. See a movie, get a charge out of the movie and for your car.
  9. USPA directors are volunteers, they are not paid. When they attend the board meetings, their travel, hotel and meals are paid by USPA. Two meetings a year, usually run Friday, Saturday and part of Sunday. Downsizing the board to 14 would save over $22,000 each year (Ed Scott estimate in his Board of Directors Election bio).
  10. Prior to 1982 there were 10 national directors and 12 conference directors (now regional directors). In 1982 there was a reapportionment and 2 regional directors were added and 2 national director positions eliminated. USPA membership and number of DZ's have increased in the past 39 years. I would be in favor of examining the number of members in each region, doing another reapportionment and adding regional directors if found necessary to serve the membership better and eliminating the national director positions.
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    Would mooning the sun also work?
  12. On Thursday, the meaning of the acronym NOTAM changed from “Notice to Airmen” to “Notice to Air Missions.” According to the 176-page rule from the FAA, the name change complies with the In addition to the gender neutrality imparted by the new name, Notice to Air Missions also addresses the flight of free balloons and small unmanned aerial systems (sUAS) colloquially known as “drones,” neither of which have a human onboard. Therefore, Notice to Air Missions is a more correct term. They removed Airmen and replaced it with Missions. What an outrage, now discrimination against men.
  13. Then he grabbed her breast and resigned from office.
  14. It seems like every other word coming out of every ones mouth is climate change, global warming, carbon footprint, going green, renewable energy. I am not saying that is not an issue but there are other serious issues also. We are drowning in out own waste, landfills are getting larger. Everything you buy, part of it gets thrown away, sometimes more packaging than the original product. Plastic pollution, a large mass in the Pacific Ocean. Walk along a road and look in the ditch or trees, you see plastic. Well at least California banned plastic straws. PFAS, perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl compounds, are also commonly called "forever chemicals" because they don't break down in the environment and remain present in the human body for years. Over population, well fewer people, that would help.
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    I had my booster shot today. I was waiting for the jab and the guy says all done. I did not even feel anything. I barely felt the first and second shots. My arm wasn't sore from them but I could feel it if I pressed on the injection site.
  16. Maybe now but there are more presidents to come.
  17. OK, here goes. It takes a number of years after a president has left office before their ranking with past presidents. Time will tell how Biden stacks up, and also Trump.
  18. I thought this was President Biden critics corner. It seams to have gotten off topic.
  20. But what about a bundle of sticks tied together.
  21. Think of the energy you would save, you wouldn't have to turn on the lights in your house. You would have to wear a blindfold when you went to bed.