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  1. Females are XX, Males are XY. They can act, dress, identify, transition how ever they like. Other X, Y combinations have their own definitions. They are all people and should have equal rights, opportunities, respect and treatment under the law.
  2. There were 33,244 fatal motor vehicle crashes in the United States in 2019 in which 36,096 deaths occurred. Powered by fossil fuels.
  3. Many years ago when Howard was Conference Director, he would visit our DZ and spend the weekend. Our clubhouse had a little kitchen area that was out of the way of foot traffic and Howard decided to sleep there. Another jumper and I were always out at a local bar on Saturday nights drinking until all hours of the night. When we got back to the DZ we were always looking for something to eat. Into the kitchen we went rooting around in the refrigerator and a bunch of frozen peas and carrots fell out right in Howard's ear. Every time I saw him after that he always reminded me of the event.
  4. I first met Silvia when I got my riggers rating with Dave DeWolf back in 1983. She was teaching the sewing.
  5. Biden managed to get elected. McCain wasn't running against Trump.
  6. Despite the criticism Biden may be smarter than you think. He picked Harris as his running mate so people would think twice before removing him from office.
  7. Chickens have it figured out, they start crowing at sunrise and roost at sunset and they don't even have clocks.
  8. I didn't intend to imply that the ramblings were from the VP but I initially thought they were. It seems to me that many politicians just want to talk and keep on talking longer than they should.
  9. I watched it last night on TV. Very interesting, everyone should watch it.
  10. Split the difference by 30 minutes and don't change twice a year.
  11. I am here. Standing. Here. in the Unites States of America............ wondering what the heck she is talking about.
  12. "They turn everything into a Jerry Springer show. I know the intent of the comparison but it may actually be an insult to the Jerry Springer show.
  13. I am being serious, a lot of them just don't know when to stop talking. You know "quit while you are ahead"
  14. It seems that politicians like to talk and they keep on talking even when they have nothing to say and end up saying things that make no sense. They don't seem to know when to stop talking.
  15. Just take a nap in the afternoon like us old guys.
  16. Daylight savings time starts on Sunday, March 13 at 2:00 am and ends on Sunday, November 6, at 2:00 am. If you think about it, we are getting screwed out of 3 hours. If it started on Saturday at 2:00 am instead of Sunday, we would get an extra hour of daylight on the weekend (Saturday). There is one hour. If it ended on Monday at 2:00 am instead of Sunday, we would get an extra hour of daylight on Sunday plus an extra hour of sleep on Sunday night. Here are 2 more hours for a total of 3 hours we could gain.
  17. When you go to another country, don't even appear to break any laws, some of which are different. Don't think you have the same rights as you do here. You could end up getting caned for vandalizing cars.
  18. I could sit through the Presidents State of the Union Address if everybody would stop standing up and applauding after every sentence. Tell everybody to sit down, shut up and no applause until the end of the speech. Just let me read what some else has written.
  19. I thought it was old guys sitting around the potbelly stove at the general store.
  20. 1992 Super bowl half time show. "A “Winter Magic” pageant, because the game was in Minnesota. Giant snowmen. Figure skaters Dorothy Hammill and Brian Boitano. Hideous dancing imps waving hockey sticks to Queen‘s “Don’t Stop Me Now.” And Gloria Estefan, because when you think of the Great White North, you naturally think of Gloria and her Minneapolis Sound Machine. But everyone clicked away to watch In Living Color‘s live comedy special – one of those genius ideas that changed the world. (In Living Color had a lot of those.) Nobody had ever challenged the Super Bowl halftime before, and it worked, because even cheap Dick Butkus jokes were more fun than hearing “Winter Wonderland” in January. This was the big turning point, as the In Living Color stunt finally jolted the Super Bowl into getting serious about halftime. The next year they brought in Michael Jackson. What would Brian Boitano do?"
  21. I can't remember when but many years ago a channel different than the one that broadcast the Super Bowl had their own half time show. On the screen was a count down timer that showed how much time was left until kick off for the second half. I watched that half time show and it was pretty good. Maybe it is time for another network to do the same thing.
  22. At the end of the half time show, the spectators were applauding. Not sure if they were applauding because they liked the show or because it was over. I rarely drink Pepsi but not any more.
  23. Just pay some red neck to put it on blocks in his yard. Cheaper than land fill fees.