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  1. Ron White said basically the same thing, "you can't fix stupid" Stating at 1:50 if you don't want to watch the whole thing.
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    Thanks, the chart shows things more clearly. I stand corrected.
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    I won't disagree with the general numbers but the oldest baby boomers turn 75 this year and the yearly deaths due to their aging is likely to show an increase.
  4. I saw the same thing on the news this morning. Now there is talk about everyone wearing a mask indoors. Those of us who have been vaccinated are going to be inconvenienced again not to mention the economic impact to the country. Will there be another spike in COVID cases? I don't think society as a whole is willing to take the steps necessary to benefit that society.
  5. The committee will spend months investigating then produce a 1000+ page report that no one will read. There will a 2 minute recap on the nightly news (ok maybe 90 seconds). The committee will pat themselves on the back for doing a great job. Maybe FOX News and CNN will get some mileage out of it.
  6. There are abandon salt caverns in Central New York State where they would pump water down then pump up the brine and evaporate it for the salt.. Hang large dissimilar plates and fill the caverns with water and have a giant battery.
  7. I recently read a book written around 1910 about the ice age. Due to the elliptical orbit of the earth the length of the seasons change. I did some rough calculations and summer is now about 10 hours shorter than it was 100 years ago. In 1000 years it will be 100 hours shorter or about 4 days. In 10,000 years summer will be 40 days shorter. That's not a solution to the current issue but if mankind is still around, they will have a different set of circumstances to deal with.
  8. Chicago's most violent weekend of 2021: 92 shot, 16 killed, 6 kids among the wounded
  9. Let's consider them the normal load on the camel's back. The little people (us) are the straws.
  10. Working toward the gradual reduction in world population would help.
  11. Somebody else's kids and grandkids can do the paying, I don't have any. I didn't need the stimulus checks so I donated most of my first one and plan to donate most of the second one. Almost every business I go to has a help wanted or now hiring sign. I live in a busy tourism area and businesses are having a hard time finding staff for the summer. I agree, too much unemployment payout and little incentive to work.
  12. I guess it is similar to the Oscars where a winner will use their acceptance speech to as a platform for their agenda. As for abortion, there will never be an agreement. Probably only laws depending on who is in power.
  13. Several boards that supported the roof were broken in the collision and as far as I know were still broken when the packing shed was taken down some years later. I made some jumps at Z-hills was in 70's. I remember seeing the dents and broken boards in the roof and hearing the story.
  14. New York State offers lottery for 12 to 17 year olds to get vaccinated GET A SHOT TO MAKE YOUR FUTURE Win a Full-Ride Scholarship The "Get a Shot to Make Your Future" vaccine incentive is a public outreach campaign consisting of a series of statewide drawings to increase awareness of the availability and efficacy of COVID-19 vaccines and provide incentives to New Yorkers 12-17 years of age to get a COVID-19 vaccination. Parents or guardians of any New Yorker, ages 12 to 17, can enter their child who has received at least their first COVID-19 vaccine dose (at any time), for a chance to win one of 50, four-year full-ride scholarships (includes tuition, room and board, books and supplies) to any New York State public college or university. SIGN UP TOD
  15. The 'funny' part about it is how little service an electric vehicle needs.The battery isn't really 'serviceable', just 'replaceable.'The electronics are modular, and also pretty much just 'replaceable parts'. You're not going to find some kid with a soldering iron repairing control circuitry.Maybe some parts replacement in the environmental systems, stuff like the blower fan and the servos that move the mixing doors for the heat & A/C. Maybe the A/C itself. I recently had to replace the computer in my pickup truck because it was corroded by all the salt they use on the road. I had another truck several years ago that had the same problem. I am concerned that electric vehicles will have the same issues here but possibly more expensive. Well at least I won't have to replace a rusty muffler.
  16. Biden cancels Keystone pipe line but ok's Russian pipeline.
  17. Maybe because all the old geezers in Washington need it.
  18. What % of the population does that describe?
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    If the Democrats pass a bill requiring Covid 19 vaccination cards as ID to vote, the entire government would be Democrat or a lot of reluctant Republicans would be lining up to get vaccinated.
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    Every day I get an e-mail from the New York State Governors office with information on easing restrictions for Covid-19. It also includes the % of population immunized, number of new cases, number tested, number hospitalized, number in ICU, and number of deaths. I would be interested to see how many people die each day from smoking related illness. I'll bet it is equal to or greater than the number of Covid deaths.
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    Does Ted have cat scratch fever also.
  22. Aviation Safety Resources (ASR) has reached an agreement to acquire parachute company Strong Enterprises, ASR announced at the Sun ‘n Fun Aerospace Expo on Tuesday. Strong, which designs, engineers, tests and manufactures parachute systems, has customers in the general aviation and military segments. The acquisition is effective immediately.
  23. Actually lightning is the cheapest source of electricity. Now if we can figure out how to capture it and use it. Shorting out all the wiring in your house and blowing up your TV isn't very cost effective.
  24. The PIA web site lists the dates for the symposium as August 30 - September 3, 2021, 5 months from now. All the links say stay tuned or information will be posted at a later date. Has anyone heard if those dates are still firm. I would think moving it to February 2022 then holding it every even year may be a better idea since the current dates are busy skydiving months.
  25. Sorry, I looked at that one first and copied the wrong link. The one you posted is correct.