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  1. As a going away present for the conscripted soldiers, their family should give them a white handkerchief for good luck. Available from amazon for $9.49 for a package of 9, 100% cotton.
  2. I know someone who years ago used to make his own stow bands out of bicycle inner tubes. They come in different sizes and he would cut them to the width that he wanted. I don't know if he still does it but it may be worth a try if we can't get good quality rubber bands any more.
  3. It is interesting that people believe in God but not Santa Clause, the Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy, or the Great Pumpkin.
  4. Wife: " Do these pants make my ass look big" Husband: " No, your ass makes those pants look big"
  5. Can we infer that a hamburger and french fries were some how involved.
  6. I had 40+ years of Parachutist and all of the Skydiving Magazines. I listed them in the classifieds for free and found a taker. I saved the very first Skydiving Magazine and still have it.
  7. Hug your friends and tell them how much they mean to you before you read about them in the Blue Skies Forum
  8. I found the following posted on Skydive Finger Lakes Facebook, link below. The legal dispute with the owner of the Ovid Airport is over. The judge ruled in favor of the Airport owner and against the owners of Skydive Finger Lakes. Their statement "Our legal team is still confident that we will prevail in the end;" is misleading since the ruling has already been made against them. Announcement! We are temporarily closed for the 2022 season. As you may know already, we're currently engaged in a legal dispute against the owner of the Ovid Airport. For long months we were under instructions to operate like normal and expect to open any day, but that any day has dragged on for what feels like forever. Our legal team is still confident that we will prevail in the end; however, it's late enough in the season that we can't realistically start jumping this year. Continuing the life and culture of this historic DZ is incredibly important to Jeff and I; we want nothing more than to keep skydiving alive at the Ovid Airport for all of our amazing tandem and AFF students. Unfortunately, we have simply been left with no good choices in this situation. I apologize for not posting this update to Facebook sooner- between ADHD and these very trying times, my best is not cutting it. All of our current appointments were notified and canceled two weeks ago, as well as their deposits refunded to their place of origin. Gift certificates are valid for an additional 3 years past the printed date, and we can't wait to go above and beyond for our incredibly patient gift certificate holders and tandem students in 2023!
  9. Maybe it should be called "anatomy reassignment surgery". The chromosomes are still the same.
  10. Any news from the recent USPA Board meeting.
  11. Now if we had a nuclear powered jump plane, it would only have to be fueled every few years. You could fuel it during the week so you wouldn't miss a weekend.
  12. Given the current state of affairs, would anyone return, let alone Christ.
  13. Then give it a social security number and tax the heck out of it.
  14. Skydive Finger Lakes has not been jumping this season at the Ovid Airport in Ovid, N.Y. and will not be jumping there in the future, their lease has expired. There may be skydiving at the Ovid Airport with a different operator some time in the future.
  15. Many years ago, I studied French in high school but it mostly geared to writing and reading and very little spoken. I can still read French and get most of the meaning but spoken, nothing.
  16. Biden ran his whole presidential campaign from his basement. Is he running the county from the basement also.
  17. I think the same can be said about athletes also.
  18. I think that statements belongs in the joke of the day thread.
  19. In the past, every time Saddam Hussein or some other leader in the middle east did something, the price of oil and gas went up immediately. It was a knee jerk reaction and had nothing to do with the oil and gas that was already in the gas stations, storage tanks or refineries. When Biden instituted his "war" on fossil fuels, a similar reaction took place. I am not saying that was the only reason but it contributed. Supply and demand keeps coming up. There is an increased demand but I haven't seen and shortage of gas so far. Somebody is making a lot of money off of the situation.
  20. Before I even read the article, I was thinking the shooters were suicidal and wanted to be famous. Good article