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  1. Which one. How about doing a demo with 1400 a foot ceiling exiting over a lake. I landed right on target.
  2. My wife works part time at a winery. Last night we went to a winery industry event for local winery owners and staff. I was talking with a banker at a small local bank that had loaned start up money for a couple small local wineries. I got to thinking it takes a lot of money to start a winery. You have to buy a lot of acres of land, put in trellises, plant grape vines that won't produce for 3 to 5 years. Then build a facility and equipment harvest, process and ferment the grapes then bottle the wine plus hire staff for the business. I thought there must be a cheaper way and it came to me how to reduce the start up cost, overhead and staff expenses. All I would need is bottling equipment. It is important to hire the right wine maker and I thought of the right person. I would hire Jesus as my wine maker because he can turn water into wine.
  3. Earth population 1950 2.5 billion Earth population 2020 7.7 billion Do you see a correlation to temperature. Looks like we have a people problem.
  4. This rig looks like a B12 modified with D rings and an extended container. I used to own and jump one with my American Papillon. I am also a rigger and have packed NB8 and NB6 rigs. This rig is not a modified NB8
  5. I was there in Muskogee sleeping in my van when I heard a lot of hooting and hollering. I opened the door, looked up and saw a bunch of parachutes. I soon learned they had built the 100 way.
  6. I heard that there have been a few loads flown this fall to 13,000 feet out of a Cessna TU206.
  7. The DZO is the only one that thinks I am one of the "7 words you can't say on TV" but all the other skydivers are glad that he is gone.
  8. I was manifested on a load to make a jump with a couple friends. We got bumped down a load because of tandems. I understand tandems are money makers. Well the plane sat on the ground for 20 minutes while they got the tandems ready. So we are up next. Before the plane lands, we are bumped down again for the next tandem load and the plane sits on the ground again. I have to scratch because I have to be somewhere. The DZO says to me "If I knew you had to leave, I would have sent your load". That didn't sit too well with me. The DZO is no longer operating at that airport. I guess I should mention that I own the airport.
  9. The midterm elections are on this coming Tuesday, November 8. On Wednesday the results will be reported. On Thursday, the campaigning for 2024 elections begin. Ok maybe Wednesday night.
  10. I consider Facebook anti social media. What friends, you probably don't even know most of the "Facebook friends" Things were better when you saw your friends in person, face to face.
  11. Back in the early 1970's before the energy crisis, I could buy gas for 33 cents a gallon. I had a VW beetle that got 33 mpg so gas cost one cent per mile. My girlfriend went to college 90 miles away so I could drive over to visit her and back for $ 1.80. That was cheaper than a 3 minute phone call.
  12. The election can't come soon enough for me, I am sick of seeing all the TV ads. Most of them are negative ads about the opponent. I am also not a fan of single issue campaigns. I am Big Falls and I approve this message.
  13. That's all fine and dandy unless you live down stream.
  14. Just build the wall in Panama, it would be a lot shorter.
  15. I watched the 60 minutes segment on Ukraine last night about the Russian soldiers murdering civilians. I thought it was horrendous. I wish every Russian citizen could see it.
  16. I was driving through town yesterday and saw a big banner across the road that said "Home Coming Weekend". It got me thinking, Now the home coming king and queen could both be males.
  17. That reminds me of something a friend told me years ago. He worked for a company that had fork lifts in a large building and they had back up horns. One agency regulation said they had to be a minimum or "X" decibels and another agency said they could not exceed "X" decibels. What they did is stuff a rag in the horns and depending what agency came to inspect, they would leave the rag in the horn or pull it out.
  18. You have to install a stereo system and speakers in the rear of the car so you get that exhaust noise from the acceleration and shifting. Otherwise it's just not the same.
  19. The first thing I thought of when I saw Trump's picture was "What me worry", Alfred E. Neuman.
  20. There is the possibility that the jump may void the aircraft owners insurance.
  21. My demand charge is based on the maximum KW or current draw each month, not the total electric use or KWH. For example, when my water pump starts on my air compressor starts, there is a momentary surge in KW or current draw. For me, that usually runs about 6KW. I pay about $10 per KW each month so 6 X $10 = $60 per month on top of the actual KWH usage for the month or $720 per year. My total monthly electric bill runs about $130 per month. This is all because I am a commercial account. The electric company told me the only way I can eliminate the demand charge is go 12 months and not exceed 1 KW which is impossible. My house is a residential account and there is no demand charge so when the water pump or our air conditioner starts and there is a peak KW, I am not charged. Most 3 bedroom homes with 4 occupants use more electricity each month than my operation.
  22. I am not saying an electric truck is not more economical. Please explain where the $0.07 comes from. Does it include the KWH charge, delivery charge, meter charge, demand charge, taxes and other fees. My small operation is deemed commercial so I am billed for a demand charge and it amounts to almost 1/2 my electric bill.
  23. The good news is there are fewer morons, fools and gillible idiots.