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  1. She has had her 16 minutes of fame. Somebody got cut to 14.
  2. Society as a whole probably will not take the steps necessary to limits mans contribution to global warming / climate change. The predictions of the amount of rise of sea levels are just an educated guess based on current data, maybe accurate or not. If you are sunning yourself on the beach and the tide is coming in, you move away from the ocean. If the sea levels are rising, now is the time to start building on higher ground since we have 40, 60, 80, 100 years to do it. Don't wait until your towel is wet.
  3. I was on Grand Jury for 4 months this year. It was once a week from 9:30 to 4:00. Several weeks, it was not held. We were finished before noon every day except one which went to 12:30. I live in a sparsely populated county so there weren't many cases. 80% of them were from a maximum security prison. In those cases, there was video of the incident. We did throw out a couple of the other cases. So now that I have done my civic duty, they won't call me for 6 years. I am glad I don't live in a big city, I am sure it would be worse.
  4. I didn't get a harrumph out of that guy.............
  5. Thanks for posting, I didn't know that. The question still remains, if he wins, will Electors break from tradition.
  6. There is a chance that the House could get enough votes to impeach Trump but less likely the Senate will vote to remove him. It is very likely that he will be the Republican nominee. Even if he was removed from office, would that stop him from running for president again? So let's assume he will run and gets enough votes in the right states / districts to win enough Electors. In the past, the Electoral College has followed the popular vote in their states / districts. After experiencing President Trump in action, will any of them break from tradition and vote differently.
  7. With this and everything else, maybe California needs to secede from the USA and become their own country or maybe they could join Mexico. I don't know, they just seem to want to do their own thing.
  8. Bigfalls


    What about the Easter Bunny and the Great Pumpkin?
  9. In regard to CO2 out put and atmospheric levels, a number of years ago the government put the ethanol program into effect to reduce our dependence on foreign oil. When you grow corn, you have to plow, plant, fertilize, harvest, haul and dry the corn which all use petroleum. Once at the ethanol plant, the corn has to be processed for fermentation which uses energy. The ethanol then has to be transported to the terminals and mixed with the gasoline, more petroleum used. When the process is completed, it takes more BTU's to produce a gallon of ethanol than the BTU's in the ethanol. When added to the gasoline, the mileage on the vehicle decreases. The byproducts of fermentation are alcohol and CO2, what happens to all the CO2 that these ethanol plants produce? Is it going into the atmosphere or is it recovered. Also the CO2 released during net loss of energy from producing ethanol. Aren't we the largest producers of oil in the world, hasn't our dependence been reduced (probably not by ethanol). I guess if the first presidential primary wasn't in Iowa where they grow corn, things may be different.
  10. It has come to my attention that the "Green New Deal" may refer to those who came up with it. Youth and inexperience Green the color most commonly associated in Europe and the United States with youth. It also often is used to describe anyone young, inexperienced, probably by the analogy to immature and unripe fruit.[64][65][c] Examples include green cheese, a term for a fresh, unaged cheese, and greenhorn, an inexperienced person.
  11. I am in favor of the museum and have donated personally. When Bill Ottley was alive, I offered to donate land on my Airport for the museum. One of the large DZ's may possibly be willing to build a hangar at their DZ for use as a museum. I think the current plans are too grandiose, too expensive to construct and too expensive to maintain. I like the idea of co-locating with another aviation museum. As far as other locations are concerned, DeLand Airport would seem logical, large DZ, parachute equipment manufacturers, close to Daytona, not that far from Orlando tourist attractions. Maybe some skydivers would be willing to volunteer to staff it.
  12. My first malfunction was jump # 8 on a 28 foot double L. Hand deployed the 24 foot unmodified reserve, everything worked and landed on the runway with 2 canopies. Second malfunction was about jump 50 - 55 on a 28 foot 7TU at night. Hand deployed the 24 foot tri-vent reserve then cut away one riser on the main. Steered the reserve into the peas with the main trailing behind. Third malfunction about jump 400, dug out my old 28 foot 7TU, jumped it and had a Mae West. This time I had a 24 foot tri-vent reserve with a pilot chute. I cut away with 2 shot capewells. That was the last time I jumped a cheapo.
  13. You can build all the wind turbines and solar panels you want, get rid of all the cows, no more fossil fuels, no more airplanes, plant trees in every open space and everybody drive an electric car but until the world population is drastically reduced, the problem won't be solved. Other great societies have come and gone and this one will go also. When Lyndon Johnson was President (Nov 1963 - Jan 1969), he joked that when his grand child was born (1967), he was the 200 millionth US citizen. We didn't seem to have the issues we have now with 330 million. Now think of the increase in world population in the last 52 years. Society as a whole is not willing to do what is necessary to reverse the situation.
  14. Back when Bill Ottley was alive, I offered to donate property at my airport for the Skydiving Museum. We are located in the center of a popular tourist region and 45 minutes from the Glenn Curtiss Museum in Hammondsport, 45 minutes from the National Soaring Museum in Elmira, 40 minutes from the Wings of Eagles Discovery Center in Horseheads and 90 minutes from the National Warplane Museum in Geneseo. We are just a small Cessna DZ, imagine what a large turbine DZ could offer, maybe even land and a hangar for the museum. If they sold the property in Fredericksburg and took the money they now have, they could build the museum. We don't need the 16M Taj Mahal with interactive displays. A clean hangar with gear, posters, videos, pictures and an old C-182 will work.
  15. Wow, I read the whole thing, quite interesting.
  16. When I started skydiving, I had a MK2000 AAD on my chest mounted reserve. It was an electro-mechanical device with an altitude sensor and rate of descent sensor with contacts wired in series. It was calibrated before each jump and was designed to fire at 1000 feet if the rate of descent was too high. I had a test chamber and tested it and a few others yearly. They were remarkably accurate for their design. At that time, the opening altitude for C and D license holders was 2000 feet. I was at the symposium when AirTec introduced the Cypress. When Helmut stated that the activation altitude was 750 feet, my first thought was, that is too low, it should be 1000. 750 feet is cutting it pretty close, if there is a hesitation or slow opening, there is little time to steer to a safe landing area. As for raising the opening altitude, parachutes in general seem to be taking longer to open and an extra 500 feet is just a little safety margin. It appears to me that most jumpers are opening higher than they did years ago anyway. I will be at the PIA Symposium in Dallas.