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  1. But I invited their boss!!!! How could they!!!!!! Remster
  2. I wonder where someone looking for one could find one? Cynicism looks good on you, Monkey... ;-) Remster
  3. Cycling gear is all over the place. LG is atypical in North America: they actually size about right (maybe on a large side). Everything else made in NA is larger than size. Euro kit is about right on size (maybe smaller, that's what I tell myself lol). Assos is actually about right. Remster
  4. Hey. Cruz is only trying to be one of the Lucky Ones. He's Working for the Weekend with his nomination. Remster
  5. Suuuuuuure! Blame Canada. Again. Remster
  6. Yep. Ballon all "winter" long. I think May (or is it Easter???) is the end of the season for Burner and his balloons. Also, SDAZ flies it's DC3 at most of it's larger boogies. They used to fly the Beech 18 at xmas too. Can't believe people thing the B18 is a novelty aircraft... lol PS: except for the balloon, all the rides on SDAZ's fleet are regular price tickets. Remster
  7. Hi Bokkie The North East doens't have a lot of tunnels (there's one in the plans for New York, but they havent broken ground yet), but there' the New Hampshire one The one in Virginia Beach in a bit far south from NY/Buffalo. For gear: look the Sonic's shop at The Ranch Remster
  8. Perris, Elsinore, Oceanside would be my picks for Socal. Remster
  9. All my rigs (not that many, but still 4) were bought new and custom made. They've had very varying level of comfort. Remster
  10. Not if you have working taste buds... Says the bloke living in a place where fries piled into a piece of folded white bread is considered food. Remster
  11. I've had mine about a year now. I still catch myself asking myself when I climb out "Is my rig even on???". Remster
  12. Same here. I'm no Brian, but this is what is SOP at SDAZ. The Ground Safety Officer looks for opening, mals, off DZ spots. To the best of his/her ability, they'll go pick off off-landings and cutaway gear. Not all are seen, especially very long spots, or wingsuits taking very longs spots. Sometimes, these people walk back. We do have a good safety system at the DZ, but I like the fact that personal responsibility is still valued. I have never seen operations stop to look for someone. I have never seen operations stop to take care of an incident/accident/fatality. Remster
  13. You do not want to spend your skydives at a spot that you just "an get away with it". You need to be in the middle of your range for most of the jump of most of your jumps. maxing out your arch is not planning for success. Remster
  14. What he said. But also what CM said. Make sure you don't add extra drag with a loose jumpsuit. Then I'd start with 6 lbs. It's not a lot, but it's where it should start to make a difference. Impact on your wingloading will be minimal, but still there (that's a 5% weight increase-ish). Add or remove a couple lbs at a time until you find where you need to be. Remster
  15. Yes. Ban farming of animals and dairy and water use goes down dramatically. But since we are discussing real world here... Yes. because growing lettuce in Yuma makes perfect sense... Remster
  16. For parts, sure. For a vehicle you have to register and "pass ownership" to in an official government way, I'd do cash only. Remster
  17. You do know what clickbait means, right? Remster
  18. How about we start discussing actual science, and not a clickbait website opinion piece? Remster
  19. Speaking of which.... Remster