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  1. chorizo sausage? Hahahaahaah....thank god I work in an office by myself...they can probably hear me laughing on the next floor though Spicy pork sausages... When broomsticks just won't work. Remster
  2. What's the matter with Kansas? Remster
  3. I would remove "let alone your advanced age and weight." You've addressed the weight issue, and the age is only going to get him aggravated. Plus, you give him a plan on addressing the weight issue; you can't do that for age, so if you let him jump, age is not really a factor. We know it is, but, if you let him jump at 230, you made the call it's not a factor that will keep him on the ground; plus, he can't do anything about his age). Also "marginable": you mean "marginal"? Remster
  4. NWFlyer makes some good points. Also, you'll need to wear big tennis shoes with the big booties. That will give a tight fit, otherwise big booties will end up flying you if you're not careful. Huh.. No. Get measured with the shoes you'll wear most times when jumping. This way, the booties will fit like they are supposed to. I wear skate shoes. So do a lot of people I jump with. Remster
  5. Annette will like to have been put between brackets :-D Remster
  6. The way the usernames are set up here, you need a username to post a classified, but even with classified activity, you will not show as having registered in the forum. Remster
  7. Brand wise: if there's a really popular brand at your DZ, look into that one. Chances are, there's someone there who can measure you properly for that brand and provide good service. Most big brands will provide a fit guarantee, but having it fit the 1st time is always better. Remster
  8. Cookie also launched a new open face. I saw some posts form an alti maker (LB or Alti2.. cant recall now) with something new too. The Parasim stuff looks much more robust Remster
  9. Who the fuck are you anyways? Remster
  10. This is the correct version. Remster
  11. There's a Curv 2.0 from RI. Remster
  12. Ohh your soooo clever, also your memory is short as I have said many times I do not watch any tv news, or FOX, nice try tho... What's that about my clever? Remster
  13. Good things Fox headlines are shorter. Remster
  14. I can see you. I can't Seriously. Remster
  15. Have they? Do we have any actual data of how often this has actually happened since they have been installed post 9-11? Remster
  16. I don't have time to be a proper analysis, but looking at the data, I don't see much or a trend at all. It's easy to have confirmation bias... Remster
  17. Hehehe... The Eloy tunnel actually runs ;-) Remster
  18. PS: Damn skinny fuckers. (well done!) Remster
  19. You look for socks at the drugstore????? Remster
  20. That prop blast was something, huh?! Remster
  21. I'm betting it was during the WFFC in 96-ish. They had a Connie fly a couple years at the Convention. That's where I jumped it Remster