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  1. I am not aware of the USPA doing incident reports on non-fatals on a regular basis. Remster
  2. What's more nerdish: using tar files, or knowing it means Bob's on Linux? :D Remster
  3. He could? I'd think he was joking... Looking at the video, I couldn't read the speedometer due to the light reflections It's not the clearest, but looked to be around 35 when he passed the first time. The speedo is pretty clear. The Tach is harder to read. And suuuuuuure.... 30-35 in the twisties..... I'm sure that would have been your unimpeded speed ;-) Remster
  4. Speaking of penny wise, pound foolish... Remster
  5. I'm saying he specifically shouldn't do what you did. Remster
  6. Hey. We're paying for the entertainment here... The least you could do is not do a straight copy-and-paste from FB Remster
  7. Remster
  8. That would be a terrible recommendation. F111 canopies don't fly well above 1:0 wingload. Especially for a brand new jumper... Remster
  9. A few of us are asshole. We tell each other to "Have a long one" once in a while Normally, no need to say anything after the fancy fist bumps... Remster
  10. I would have liked to see the side view of that take off to see just how steep it was! No shit! The angle made it look like a (briefly) straight vertical climb, and I can't believe they have the thrust to do that. Probably was the same takeoff profile as this one last year: Remster
  11. I would have liked to see the side view of that take off to see just how steep it was! Remster
  12. That's the one I was thinking of. Looks like their website is a bit fubared tho.... There's a new one out on FB, but it's not the full version (a pre-set viewset_): Remster
  13. I think you have your answer right there then. Good thing to replace your PC as you are doing. PS: you called your thread "Quite consistent off...". Then you say you get 90s and 180s in either directions. That's everything BUT consistent. Remster
  14. Not me either. not THIS time anyway You're number 1! Sigh... I miss those days.... Wait, what days? When you could ban people? Or when I was allowed in bonfire? Or when I got banned? Be specific man! Yes. Remster
  15. Not me either. not THIS time anyway You're number 1! Sigh... I miss those days.... Remster
  16. Yes, but there were probably better options. If you're going to quit you might as well take it up the chain first. What do you have to lose at that point? People often quit their bosses, not their company. Oh my god. This is so fucking tragically hilarious. I am/was at 2nd interview stage with another company. I just got drunk dialled by the Managing Director to negotiate the employment terms at 10:30:at night (midnight for him). Think I'll pass on that job I dunno! Sounds like a fun company! Remster
  17. Yep. Curtis jumped one at least a year ago (if not 2) during some headdown bigways. I can't find the name of the website where you could view and pan the video in all directions.... It was pretty cool. Remster
  18. In the time you've been posted on this thread, you should have been able to do 200 jumps. Remster
  19. It's a post about a particular user... BAN HIM!!!!!! Remster
  20. I am not an attorney; but I have filed quite a few lawsuits, all in Small Claims Court. Here, in Oregon, you have to give them notice of what your demand is. Then, if they continue/fail to do whatever, you can proceed with litigation. IMO MHS is saying to cease & desist; then if they do not, MHS can proceed with litigation. Jerry Baumchen That makes sense. Thanks. Remster
  21. Welcome to the Colorado skydiving scene... Remster
  22. Have you cut it away under load? Remster