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  1. You can achieve anything with enough motivation. And vodka. Remster
  2. Never use your second set of hands when riding. Remster
  3. Are you saying that you're amazed people believe in batshit crazy conspiracy theories, or you're amazed that people DON'T believe in your 'chemtrails' Remster
  4. Damn right! Because giving the same right to other adults is the same as allowing molestation of minors. Remster
  5. you believing that man does have an influence makes you an alarmist Ins't it great when you can redefine words to fit your worldview! Remster
  6. It's hot, but manageable. It's still very dry in May. It's the tail end of the season for us, and we celebrate with a great boogie. Start jumping early, and you can stop by mid afternoon and relax by the pool after 8 jumps. There's the Arizona Challenge, the Arsenal Challenge, and a regular boogie going on, so it's pretty busy!
  7. I've known several people who were able to walk away from a plane crash because they had a seatbelt. Remster
  8. We can discuss my rates. Remster
  9. On some planes where you sit facing sideways, such as a CASA, that style is typical. That's what I was wondering... It's also the standard setup on all SDAZ planes: skyvan, otters, and even the DC3. Remster
  10. What do you mean by that? A regular lap style seat belt that attaches on either side of your body (ie 2 points)? Remster
  11. Just sayin'! ;-) Remster
  12. If no one responds to my request for jump buddies, should I just stay home? Totally. Because people always use the interwebs. Remster
  13. Don't they have bunkhouse accommodations at the DZ? EDIT: I guess not anymore... Remster
  14. A long long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, most places didn't do tandems. You started with IAD's / Static Line jumps. Sometimes, straight onto AFF too. Remster
  15. The one thing you absolutely need to do to jump is to show up at the DZ. Remster
  16. And if they start ISIS Inc. they'll get corporate welfare, like other big corporations, so they can pay $millions in bonuses to their execs. As Long as they are indoctrinated to vote liberal, Obama would welcome it. All those Wall St. CEOs - definitely pillars of the liberal establishment. You are so astute. ...and we have things like this... Chuck And ISIS Inc. can take a tax deduction for them. No! We need something to defend ourselves with down here on the border. Chuck Agreed I figured you had already joined at least one militia.... so move out there Mr MilitiaMan .... go patrol the north bank of the Rio-not-so-Grande. I hear ISIS is just across the river....... are you willing to protect the Texican Homeland??? We don' need no stinkin' militia! Chuck Until we do. Mind your cache! Chuck I'm just curious to see what happens if we keep "quoting" this entire post... Turtle's original comment that started the string seems to get smaller and smaller...My theory is that if it disappears, it will create a vortex and suck SC into oblivion... ...and would we all go with it? Chuck Would that be the Rapture? The Tribulation starts with the ISIS invasion. Then Jesus appears and .... Yeah, until he doesn't Hey. Carnitas are back at Chipotle!
  17. Went to a community dinner at a local Italian with friends and the miss's, with Piemond wine pairings. It. Was. Awesome. Desert pic attached. Remster
  18. You know a thread is done when it's gone superburrito. Remster
  19. No, Cheney was absolutely correct: Interesting that he said that while Bill Clinton was in office. Then again, this was before 9/11... Remind us what Iraq had to do with 9/11 again? My memory is a bit fussy on that subject... Remster
  20. Not to split hairs, but he's at Skydive Phoenix, not SDAZ. Welcome to the sport, Ben! Come visit us down the road!
  21. So, about that revolutionary war... Remster
  22. Time to get Chuteless back with his decoder ring! Remster
  23. Jealousy doesn't become you, John... Remster