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  1. The issue is not with the older planes. We can't import anything older than 20 years. And all the STCs that I could find online ends at 182R. Thanks for pointing to Gary Peek's presentation. Found it on pia.com. Looks like a lengthy process. Will go through it in details. Here's the link for anyone who wants to take a look at it. http://www.pia.com/images/rocketlauncher/PDF/NEWS/ConvertingC182toJumpPlane121216.pdf
  2. Good point. I wasn't aware that 182S or newer are not used for Skydiving. Couldn't find a way to figure out if any private party owns a Cessna 182 in India. None of the non-scheduled operators/flying schools have a Cessna 182 in India.
  3. Thanks for the links. Lot of new information. Seems sourcing an available Cessna 206 from within the country will be much simpler than importing a 182. Any drawbacks of having a cessna 206 as the only plane for your operations? I think 182 is/can be certified to be flown without a door for Skydiving operations but not 206. Which means for 206 we will have to get at least the door modifications done. Any thoughts?
  4. Thanks for the Info. How different is CPA from AOPA? https://www.aopa.org/ I am already AOPA member. Regarding shipping, I am worried about the Airworthiness Certification process after assembly. It might be more difficult than just flying the plane into the country.
  5. Looking for some ideas/guidance around getting a Cessna 182 for Skydiving Operations in India. Importing anything older than 15 years is approved case by case basis. Anything older than 20 years can not be imported in India. Can't buy new. I am skydiver and skydivers don't have money :) I think importing something from Europe will be the easiest. It's just 4000 miles (6000kms) away :) However, not sure how easy/difficult it is to get skydiving modifications (door & step, anything else?) done in Europe. What are some of the ways to transport it from Europe or even US to India? Any guesses around transport costs? Please share your experiences/thoughts if you have done or heard someone try something similar.
  6. Are you specifically looking for a Round Reserve or any Round will do? I have couple of rounds that I got, to practice packing. I am not sure if they are air worthy or if they are Reserves or if they have a deployment bag. I can send one of them to you if it will work for you. PM me your shipping details and I can send one your way, in next couple of days.
  7. Thanks Andy, that's exactly what I was looking for.
  8. Seems there are couple of storms along the route. Might have to drop the plans to drive.
  9. I hope by "most everything" you meant all the Dropzones and not all the businesses. It will shuck if all the business were closed too. Great, hope you guys are jumping this Sunday. I am starting on Saturday from Ohio and will be in Oklahoma this Sunday.
  10. I am thinking of driving from Ohio to California over Christmas week. I am planning to take Route 66 and was wondering about the Dropzones along Route 66 that I can jump while I am driving. Making at least one jump in every state I drive through will be great. Will prefer the dropzones where I don't have to take long detours! If your home DZ or a dropzone you know of, is a short distance from Route 66, please let me know. ~Ram
  11. After sending a message to George Galloway, on Dropzone.com, finally managed to talk to him over phone. He ensured that I get a canopy that will work as expected. Got a new Nitron this Friday. Made 4 jumps on the Canopy and everything works great!!!
  12. Were you able to get any response from Precision? I have been trying to reach them for almost 6 months now. No one picks up their phone. Sometime even voice mail is full. Even when I was able to leave a voice mail, no call back. Dropped emails to all the e-mail addresses listed on their site. No response. Feels I have been ripped off of my money.
  13. Thanks skymama and Rstanley0312 for jump season information in Florida and Chicago. Seem Chicago is a better option given the season and proximity to the place where I am right now. @Remster: Wouldn't it be too hot in Arizona in May? Being from India, I know of all the people I shouldn't be talking about hot weather
  14. Which will be a good place to jump, weather wise, during Memorial Day weekend? Travel to Chicago will be much easier for me. Though not sure how conducive the weather is, for Skydiving at Chicago, during that time. Let me know if you have any other DZ recommendations for 4-day trip. Thanks, Ram
  15. Thanks for the information. Will try to Precision Pack and see if that helps. Trying to reach Precision to see if they have any recommendation. Plan on making couple of jumps with my rigger, to see what's going on at deployment time.