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  1. The issue with the method of "just show up" is if you are visiting a dropzone on a trip there might not be many people there, or many people in your experience range on that given day, so being able to reach out beforehand could make for a much more enjoyable visit being that time is limited. Not to mention, even if it is your local dz, you might never meet certain compatible people that jump different days than you, but if you could connect online you might adjust your jump days to meet up with new people.
  2. Hey! I don't know if this is exactly the right thread (Although this is entirely about creating "Events & places to jump) but here is what I'm shooting for: I was curious if there are any outlets besides your local DZ or jump forums where you can find strangers to jump with. Essentially a skydiving meetup/facebook setup, just a simple profile and a system so you can lookup by location and maybe experience level other jumpers and organize a jump with people. This could also be a huge opportunity for meeting jumpers if you are going on a trip somewhere and want to meet a few people for a one time visit jump session. Also for new jumpers who don't know many (any) other jumpers yet. If you know of any, post it! If not, I'm a programmer/web designer and would love to get ideas on features you would like to see. Current features I'm thinking: - Simple profiles. ---- Jump number. ---- Your gear if interested in showing it off (who isn't?) ---- Location ---- Jump pictures ---- Whether or not you have a couch you could host a visiting jumper on. ---- Reputation maybe? (So a hosting jumper feels safe hosting you). -Open discussion forum? Or possibly just link to forum with permission It will be a non-profit simple resource for jumpers. Let me know!
  3. I am part of a group of jumpers and have been wondering if there are requirements or a general process to starting a skydiving team? I have yet to find any information about it really.