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  1. I think math should be off limit in SC. For everyone. (PS: I realize Dan's reply was to a new question, but still, all this bad basic math is hurting my teeth). Remster
  2. It doesnt have Democrats contolling the big cities....... You'll find that most people on the right in Australia are still on the left of the spectrum of US politics. Remster
  3. At this point, I don't think there are any known survivors. Only confirmed dead vs unaccounted for. Remster
  4. John Sherman posts on here. I'm sure he would explain. I've read his explanation (he posted it somewhere in the forum not that long ago). I still don't get it. Remster
  5. On the other hand, if I just made up a bunch of numbers I could make Christians sound pretty bad too. Calculating percentages is so VERY difficult. Have to divide by 100 and other hard stuff. That depends on what definition of percentage you use. Remster
  6. I know Jumpshack offers a single sided RSL as an option, but I completely do not understand why they still sand by the double sided design and still offer it.... Remster
  7. If only 0.05% of the Muslims are jihadists committed to our demise, that means 78,500,000 of them are our enemies. How about only 0.025%; 39,250,000 want you, your family and your way of life destroyed. Math is so hard! Lets go to the mall church of the bigoted instead! Remster
  8. Oh, I see. So Scientific American is more like... Scientific Canadian now. Eh. That was uncalled for. I'm sorry. Remster
  9. Remster

    tv tech

    Plasma is pretty much a dead technology (more or less). You just don't find many out there anymore. Just go to Costco, pick a size in LED, and get the Samsung in that size. Super high refresh rates are kind of silly since the feed is not that high. Stick with 1080p unless you plan to go really big and very high end, then get 4k. Remster
  10. I thought it was... But no.... I definitely came from Florida (unless I have my memories all jumbled up) and it was a 22 or 23 way..... Remster
  11. Real men jump in Eloy in July. Stupid ones too :-D Remster
  12. Why should they? He's (apparently) being charged with desertion, not treason - they are two different things. There you go, using your words again.... Remster
  13. How large are we talking about? Remster
  14. Don't worry. They have spare oxygen in their wings. Remster
  15. Can you explain what Budapest has to do with with Amsterdam and Rotterdam? Seriously, no one is claiming that outsourcing isn't happening, but to claim that a company is outsourcing jobs to the Netherlands because of cheap labor is kinda out there. Remster
  16. That's why I mentioned "a very experienced coach". Personally, my opinion is, why learn something you have to unlearn later. Just an option. Remster
  17. Try and get with a very experienced FS coach. The newest leg techniques are actually based on having a fairly wide leg stance, and angling your lower legs inwards and engaging your booties at all times. You may be trying to fix something that you will want to learn soon after. But, overall, this is getting in the realm of small tweaks that are better to address in person, not online. Remster
  18. Paul, if you're going to have a discussion with engineers, at least try and use the correct terminology. It's less precise. Not less accurate. Remster
  19. Get in touch with Jeffca here. He's in Japan too.; Remster
  20. So, have you googled the guy to find out who would be driving around with $12,000ish? Remster
  21. I'd touch base with Ian and/or Jocelyn Mackenzie in VA for when springs gets back... Or even in the meantime. [edited for proper last name spelling] Remster
  22. Will Alaska law recognize them? Remster