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  1. I ate you all. With or without a "h". But yeah... you should quit the internets anyway, turtle... Remster
  2. If you don't know what Exploring Kittens are, you should quit at the Internets. Remster
  3. You obviously have never used a service like, ftd, or the likes... Remster
  4. Weird. The direct link doesn't work, but, if you copy and past the link content into the url bar, it works... Remster
  5. Or... Maybe he knows something you don't. Like the spot is shitty. We have a code between our camera guy and me (OC in 8way). If he gives it, we climb extra slow and I give an extra couple seconds before the count. Changes our full climb out from 20 seconds to 25 seconds pretty consistently. And saves us from an extra shitty spot. Remster
  6. But not necessarily a good skydiver. Do some tunnel, but find a DZ to do loads of jumps to. No amount of tunnel will help you with spotting, tracking, canopy flight, gear knowledge, etc.... Remster
  7. If you pack extra light, you could fit a small-ish rig in a carry-on rollerbag (135 main/143 reserve or smaller) with a few items of clothing (like 2 pairs of socks, underwear, t-shirts and a pair of pants). Add a small daypack as your 2nd item for another set of clothing and electronics/paper/toileteries. If you need to take more (and I would for a long trip with changing weather) then you'll need to check something in. Or, just travel, enjoy, rent gear in a couple places, and don't focus on jumping. Remster
  8. Not sure how objective they are. They probably are pretty objective when comparing a PDR to a OPT. Remster
  9. Canada (or US, depending on the frame of reference for what "foreign" is :-D ) Mexico UK France Spain Malaysia Remster
  10. I'll add to Chuck's comment that you shouldn't have to be pointing your toes hard to make it tight. Remster
  11. Remster
  12. You need to be able to arch, with a rig on. If they were tight standing up, your lower body wouldn't be able to get in an arch. What you are looking for if the booties being fully engaged when in a natural arch. Remster
  13. You're not helping me change my opinion of the skyhook, Bill... Remster
  14. Does that happen in several middle east countries? Sure. Now, replace beheading with daily shootings, and you what part is not true about life in the US? Remster
  15. Because Americans are taught/brainwahsed/indoctrinated/whatever you want to call it, from an early age that they live in the greatest country in the world. That American and Americans are the best at everything. From that perspective it would be hard to believe a country would not want to be invaded and "liberated" by Americans. So if your choices were: (1) being burned alive, (2) stoned to death, (3) beheaded, (4) shot, (5) thrown off a building, (6) "being liberated by America," Which would you choose? Yes. This is exactly what the choices are. Remster
  16. Well, the part about buying something with the specific intent of using it, then using it, and then returning it for a full refund - rather than renting it honestly - is called "stealing". It may or may not be strictly illegal, but I happen to feel it's unethical. The skydiving community already has enough detractors as it is, people who think we're bums and druggies. I don't think giving them ammo to call us thieves, too, is all that good an idea. Pardon my high horse. I think the question was about the pro pass... Spaceland does something similar Remster
  17. Cool... The news-bit I saw this AM was only talking about missing... Some good news then... Remster
  18. Only 0.05% of them would want to run anyway.... Remster