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  1. We started doing back-to-backs, triples and quads this year on the 1st go in the AM to escape the heat, and It's much easier on the body. I know that's dependent on lift capacity and having 2 rigs tho. It's always a case of balancing priorities, BUT, if you're focus is training and getting better, focus on that: get packers, and do pairs of back-to-backs if you have 2 rigs, or 20's and 40s. But, back to food and drink... Drink water between jumps; take a small bottle in the plane too if needed. Electrolites are a good supplement if you're going hard at it in heat. Right now, they're a lot of buzz in cycling around Skratch Labs having some awesome product. I'm still a cheapass, and use powdered gatorade even on my hammer fest rides in AZ: I want that dammed sugar when I use 5000 Cals But if you need all day to do your jump, eat real food too. My go to when training is PB&J sandwiches on 12 grain bread. They have a decent enough mix of fat, carbs, and protein. Remster
  2. Are you fighting every highway project as passionately? Remster
  3. Fuck that. Keep fighting and pull handles/cables/pins/bridles/fabric till impact. Remster
  4. What most people do not realize is that the vast majority of people who approach an attorney about launching a lawsuit are turned down. And that is because it is determined to be: 'a lost cause.' Jerry Baumchen Australia has been in a fairly long string of over protective legislation in recent year. I wouldn't be surprised if this guy gets a sympathetic hear from courts. Remster
  5. What Andrea said, also for Eloy. We're a local team, and we scheduled a trip to the tunnel at Raeford in august in lieu of jumping :-D . I'd stay away from CA, AZ, Fl and TX as destination places in Jul-Aug. Lost Prairie is a great boogie. Probably one of the last true boogies. If you can make that happen, you'd have a blast. Remster
  6. Thanks Vince! Hows things out East? Remster
  7. I'm not advocating doing it, but on many planes (Twin Otter for sure) air flow from a cracked open sliding door is INTO the plane, not out. So lets not use that as a reason to keep the door closed. Remster
  8. Do you have a link to that post from IBA? Remster
  9. For reference, SDAZ's rule has been helmets on or secured, seatbelts on, and door closed till 1500' for a couple years now. Remster
  10. You need to post the video link in the comments, Mr Celebrity... ;-) Remster
  11. Belgium is _not_ a wine country. It's definitely a beer country. Remster
  12. 1- POV solos videos are pretty boring (and don't show anything really) 2- Just jump more!
  13. SolarCity has a lease program. When I ran my numbers, it made more sense to me. We won't save tons of money (we're somewhat energy efficient already) but we will still save 20-25% of our annual electricity bill. Plus, rate increases are fixed, with guaranteed power outputs (with re-reimbursements if not met) and no money down at all. Message me if you want a referral with a sign on bonus. Remster
  14. If you listen to the talk John Leblanc gave to the BPA about canopy progression and the two paths, he does imply that the Pilot and Stilettos are very close (he mentions the Pilot in passing, as he mostly focuses on PD's canopy). Don't have the link handy, but I'm sure you know what I mean... Remster
  15. They've been around for a while. Remster
  16. 95% confidence huh... So you're saying they're a chance! Remster
  17. And: Remster
  18. No... I think he got groped. Remster
  19. Don't. They have awful beer. And put mayo on fries. Remster
  20. The problem with sarcasm, is that you can't tell if something's it online The sideboob pic you posted is Anne Hathaway. Remster
  21. yah... Coz that ain't shopped either... Remster
  22. I am not aware of the USPA doing incident reports on non-fatals on a regular basis. Remster